How Miami Spanish Radio Sows Hatred, Disinformation, and Family Disunity

How Spanish-Language Radio Helped Radicalize A Generation Of Miami Abuelos The misinformation crisis among South Florida’s Hispanic communities is warping some residents’ understanding of reality […]

Plan of the United States and the European Union to sanction Cuba.

The call for the provocative march of the internal counterrevolution is part of the new plan of the United States to have the pretext of increasing sanctions against Cuba, which has the support of the European Parliament, under the alleged violations of human rights.

Just a few months after the overwhelming Cuban victory in the United Nations General Assembly against the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States maintains against the Cuban people, the U.S. intend to divert the world’s attention from their genocide and sow the matrix of world opinion that Cuba is “a dictatorship that represses” its citizens, and that is why they organize the march that seeks a change in the system, something that Washington does not allow in their own country.

The truth always comes out

By Arthur González . Even if they try to disguise things and make them look different, the truth always comes out and all the lies are […]