Cuba subject to illegal blockade imposed by Irish authorities, in defiance of Irish and EU law. 

In his last act of aggression against Cuba, former US president Trump added Cuba to a US list of so-called “State Sponsors of Terrorism”. Not a shred of credible evidence supported that decision. His successor, has retained the designation for reasons best known to his minders. 

Since then, Irish banks have acted as if it was a factual designation and a cowardly Irish government has supported them in breaking Irish law to impose illegal sanctions on Cuba, as if it believed the designation to be true. 

We know they know it is a lie because they voted to oppose it in the United Nations, but then, Judas-like, denied their vote within the hour. Such duplicity is the hallmark of a nation-state devoid of self-respect. The repulsive gombeenism of Irish politicians scratching around in a greasy till when we didn’t have an arse in our trousers persists, but is even less acceptable when we hold significant international pretensions to exercise our sovereignty in the promotion of the rights of small oppressed nations. 

The people of Cuba have robust democratic institutions and a popular elected government. They have been subjected to 62 years of illegal, inhuman, and genocidal blockade imposed on them by the same cabal of imperialists that are currently funding and arming a genocide in Gaza. Their stated intent is to overthrow Cuban democracy, subjugate the Cuban people to foreign rule, and steal their assets. Far from opposing such imperial ambitions, in Ireland, the imperialists find a devoted ally supportive of their satanic endeavors. 

Cuba Support Group Ireland demands that Ireland disregard the arbitrary US designation and immediately and forcefully implement established Irish and EU laws prohibiting the imposition of US sanctions against Cuba. 

We express our solidarity with the long-suffering Cuban people and their democratically elected government. We condemn the Irish government for its complicity in imposing illegal sanctions against Cuba by tolerating the imposition of extraterritorial US banking laws on Irish banks, in contravention of Irish and EU law. 

By its actions in the case of Cuba, we see nothing but contempt for international law emanating from the Irish government, the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, and the designated financial institutions of the so-called Republic of Ireland. 

We look forward to a day when Ireland will have a government that is worthy of the status of a sovereign state. Until then, we will look to Cuba as a beacon in the expression of national sovereignty, the vindication of the rights of its people, the defense of its constitutional order, and the upholding of international law. 

National Executive Committee, 

Cuba Support Group Ireland.