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Joining Cuba Support Group Ireland is not like joining an ordinary solidarity campaign. Cuba Support Group Ireland is the only Cuba solidarity campaign in Ireland which has been directly targeted by the US government for its solidarity activities with Cuba. We are a blockaded organisation and all of our banking transactions are subject to special scrutiny by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control.

This regulatory supervision is legal under Irish law but blocking any non-US located banking transaction on the instructions of the US authorities is an illegal act in Europe. Your membership fee transfer is likely to be intercepted and returned to you, unpaid.  If this happens, it is a breech of Irish law and European banking regulation. Unfortunately, the Irish government has repeatedly and systematically refused to uphold Irish and European law in this regard.

Please do not join Cuba Support Group Ireland unless you are committed to campaigning to expose the illegal US blockade of Cuba and are willing to circumvent US banking regulations, whilst abiding fully with Irish and European law, each time you renew your annual membership subscription.

Under the rights you enjoy as a European resident you are entitled to subscribe to Cuba Support Group Ireland and to exercise your constitutional right to campaign against any sanctions imposed against the people or government of Cuba. We hope you will choose to exercise those rights in defence of the Cuban Revolution.

To register you as a member, we need some personal information about you.  We have deliberately kept this to the bare minimum.  We do not collect details of your bank or credit card, but you will need to enter these directly into the web page of the online payment intermediary to pay your membership fee.

First Name (so we know how to address you in future correspondence)

Family Name (so we can organise our membership list alphabetically)

Eircode or Postcode (so we can link you with the nearest branch of CSGI)

Email address (so we can contact you)

Mobile phone number (so we can contact you if your email bounces):

The minimal information collected here will be stored safely in accordance with your digital privacy rights as defined in the applicable General Data Protection Regulations of the European Union. We will never share your membership details with any other organisation, for any reason, unless authorised to do so by you, or by order of an Irish court of law.  If any of your details change, it is up to you to inform us.

Note: The recurring payment will show as “CSGI” on your bank statement.