US Aggression

Starve the Cuban people, that’s the plan

“The only foreseeable means we have today to alienate internal support for the Revolution is through disenchantment and discouragement, based on dissatisfaction and economic difficulties. Any conceivable means to weaken the economic life of Cuba must be used promptly, denying it money and supplies to lower real and monetary wages, in order to cause hunger, despair and the overthrow of the government ”.

US Blows Off The Whole World To Punish Cuba

On November 2, the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly for a resolution calling on the US to lift the trade embargo against Cuba that President John Kennedy imposed in 1962. The US and Israel were the only two nations to vote no, with Ukraine abstaining. Total dependence creates total compliance.

Statment from Cuba Support Group Ireland

Cuba support Group Ireland stands united in condemnation of the terrorist bombing of the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC on the 24th of September 2023. Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the building, which was occupied by the ambassador and his diplomatic staff. The attack happened just hours after the Cuban president left the United States where he had addressed the UN General Assembly on behalf of the G77 +China nations, representing almost 80% of humanity.

Like all UN member states, the United States is obliged by the Geneva Conventions to protect the embassies of foreign governments and any terrorist attack is prima facia evidence of a dereliction of this treaty duty. In reality, the United States has permitted, even promoted, acts of terrorism against Cuban diplomats and against the civilian population of Cuba for decades, yet has the gall to place Cuba on the List of Terrorist States, when clearly Cuba is the recipient, not the perpetrator, of terrorism.

Let us remain steadfast in our support for Cuba and its people.

Cuba: Biden’s Moral Debt

” Joe Biden should remove Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism without further delay, a decision taken by his predecessor Donald Trump”

Cuba: Permanent Target of U.S. Intelligence Community Interest

Watching over information security and denouncing Washington’s actions in this field has become a strategic issue for Cuba.Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents declassified by the U.S. Government reveal that this institution spied on the Cubana de Aviación Company in the 1960s. The evidence demonstrates the CIA’s meticulous monitoring of Cubana de Aviación flights to the island.

Cuba? – When is the Monroe Doctrine going to die?

The Monroe Doctrine is one of the many means by which the United States has been expanding its hegemonic eagerness over the Latin American and Caribbean region since the early stages of its existence as a nation, Rodriguez pointed out. Over the years, he added, this policy has been reworked and adjusted.

Frank Denials

In a surprising display of sincerity, the U.S. government has just admitted that it is Washington that prevents Cuba from accessing the Internet. The Department of Justice has recommended to the Federal Communications Commission to deny a permit for the island to link to the submarine cable that interconnects the Caribbean countries with the American continent.

López Obrador: “It’s a Shame!” to Maintain the Blockade of Cuba

“It’s a disgrace!” In that phrase President Andrés Manuel López Obrador defined what happened yesterday within the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN) where despite the overwhelming position of the nations against the blockade of Cuba, it is maintained due to the votes against it by the United States and Israel.

The World Stands with Cuba Once Again!

Once again, the United States has been left alone in its efforts to stifle Cuba. The General Assembly of the United Nations once again pronounced itself overwhelmingly against the economic blockade that Washington insists on maintaining against the island.

Cuban Americans and Solidarity Activists March in NYC Before Annual UN Vote on U.S. Embargo

Cuban Americans and other activists from around the country marched from Times Square to the United Nations this weekend in anticipation of an annual UN vote to condemn the 60-year-old blockade against Cuba. We hit the streets of New York City to ask demonstrators what brought them out to protest and what they think about the Biden administration’s policy toward Cuba.