Starve the Cuban people, that’s the plan

The United States government and representatives of the anti-Cuban terrorist mafia have been saying for 60 years: “we want to liberate the Cuban people from the Castro dictatorship,” however, all their plans show that they only want to kill Cubans with hunger and disease, and blame socialism.

There is not a single measure, sanction or law approved by the U.S. Congress, aimed at improving the situation of Cubans, quite the opposite.

The reinforcement of the economic, commercial and financial war that strangles the Cuban economy is to affect the citizens so that they take to the streets and protest, an old dream of more than half a century without achieving it, because Cubans know their history well. and the exploitation carried out on the island by US companies and the tycoons who took refuge in Miami in 1959.

The Torricelli Law and the Helms-Burton Law reflect this perfectly.

A proof of the strangulation carried out by the U.S, they have just exposed it during the conference held in the United States, entitled “The Political Economy of Tourism in Cuba”, transmitted on the Internet by the Center for Studies for Open Societies.

The U.S policy against Cuba attacks all economic lines that generate income, destined to satisfy the needs of the population, evidenced in the maintenance of a universal and free public health, education, culture with access for all, including schools and universities. art, sports, social security and all programs that benefit eleven million Cubans, regardless of political affiliations, religion, sexual orientation and skin colour.

Faced with this unquestionable truth, the U.S media machinery intends to sow an opinion matrix: “All the money that enters the Cuban economy goes to the rulers and not to the people,” a statement that they cannot prove or sustain.

In the face of that they repeat:

“Given the effective control of the organized tourism industry, to continue allowing cruise ships and flights to the Island to continue injecting economic vitality into the regime, they ignore that it is the dictatorship -not the Cuban people- that benefits from your investment ”.

Spearhead of this old United States policy are Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, Robert Bob Menéndez and Congressmen Carlos Giménez, Albio Sires, Mario Díaz Balart and María Elvira Salazar, who defend the criterion that “ The U.S policy towards Cuba, must show solidarity towards the Cuban people ”.

Will those sons of henchmen of the dictator Fulgencio Batista, or of those who went north avoiding being assassinated by him, think that Cubans have no memory or are unaware of their history?

The report prepared by Undersecretary of State Lester Mallory in April 1960 leaves no doubt as to what the objective is, far removed from “solidarity with the Cuban people”, as fools and stupid would have it believe.

The gist of that Mallory paper states:

“The only foreseeable means we have today to alienate internal support for the Revolution is through disenchantment and discouragement, based on dissatisfaction and economic difficulties. Any conceivable means to weaken the economic life of Cuba must be used promptly, denying it money and supplies to lower real and monetary wages, in order to cause hunger, despair and the overthrow of the government ”.

No line claims to help the people, everything is to create dissatisfaction and increase difficulties.

In 1962, President JF Kennedy approved a comprehensive subversive operation to destabilize the Revolution, after the crushing defeat at the Bay of Pigs.

Among the ideas of that operation, it was reflected:

“The political action will be supported by an economic war , which will induce the communist regime to fail in its effort to satisfy the needs of the country, the psychological operations will increase the resentment of the population against the regime, and the military operations will give the popular movement a weapon of action for sabotage and armed resistance in support of political objectives ”.

It is very palpable, neither embargo nor blockade, an economic war affecting the people, by not being able to satisfy their needs.

Senators and congressmen repeat the well-worn argument that their measures are against the government, but official US documents prove otherwise.

The sanctions hardened by Donald Trump were directed towards tourism, as it is the main source of income that Cuba has, with the subterfuge that “the money goes to companies run by the military and not to the people.”

But, where would the income generated by tourism go, if with the application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, properties in Cuba go into private hands? Would the bourgeoisie in Miami allocate them to maintain the social benefits applied by the Revolution?

No one doubts it, health will no longer be free and insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies would quickly take over the Cuban market.

Education would once again be private and many schools run by the church, will charge high prices for tuition, books and notebooks will have to be bought by parents, as well as musical instruments in art schools, now free thanks to the Revolution. No child of a worker could be a doctor, an engineer, or a cyber-mathematician.

Would sport be a right of the people? No.

The private clubs would once again monopolize the practice of many of them and the exclusivity for members who can pay the registration fees and each one to buy their equipment.

Would the theaters and ballets open their doors to the people, or will philanthropic Ladies’ associations return to direct the companies?

In short, let no one be fooled that the United States wants the well-being of Cubans, because U.S society is a living example of how workers and employees are treated, very different from what was achieved by the Revolution that they hate so much, considered a “bad example”. 

The salaried mercenaries and subversive groups such as (San Isidro, the “Ladies” of Blanco and the UNPACU,) continue to believe that in another Cuba they will be described as “brave and new mambises * “, as Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart, son of one of the henchmen of the murderer Batista, disrespectfully compared them with real heroes of the homeland a few days ago, but these mercenaries will be despised for not belonging to their social class and discriminated against for the colour of their skin and low moral standards, far removed from the precepts of the bourgeoisie.

José Martí is right in stating:

“Profit breeds worms.”

* The term mambises refers to the guerrilla Cuban independence soldiers who fought against Spain in the Ten Years’ War and Cuban War of Independence.

Source: heraldocubano