The European Director of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) holds a meeting with the directors of the Cuba Support Group.

As part of the program being developed in Ireland by colleague Rigoberto Zarza Ross, European director of ICAP, this afternoon he met with members of the board of directors of the Cuba Support Group, which is developing important campaigns against the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States has applied for more than sixty years.

The CSG (Cuban Support Group) has historically developed an intense solidarity campaign with Cuba, rejecting its inclusion on the State Department’s List of countries sponsoring terrorism and against the blockade.

The solidarity group is known in Ireland for its #WalkingForCuba campaign, whose objective is to show the world that together we can fight against the injustice of the policy applied against Cuba. Also for the so-called “#1c4Cuba”, launched by CSG, together with a group of European solidarity organizations, aimed at mobilizing a large number of bank clients to send small transactions – as little as 1 cent/1 pence – from bank accounts from the United Kingdom or Europe, using reference words or destinations that are likely to activate the banks’ sanction mechanisms against Cuba and thus make the application of blocking measures too costly.

For his part, Rigoberto referred to the difficult situation his country is going through due to the effects of the blockade and the aforementioned List, among other aggressive measures against Cuba reinforced in recent years.

Likewise, on behalf of ICAP and its president, the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Fernando González Llort, thanked the CSG colleagues for their support and warned about the need to maintain and increase solidarity with the Cuban people.

source: cubaminrex