Kilometers Towards Mission

Together, we walk as one community in support of the 11 million Cubans living under the U.S embargo.

What is #WalkingForCuba Video

What is #WalkingForCuba?

#WalkingForCuba is your chance to show the world that together, we can make a difference fighting injustice. #WalkingForCuba gives opportunities to talk about Cuba it starts the conversation about the US blockade, it gives opportunities to rise awareness to ask questions and find out more on how it affects the Cuban population. Now you can be a part of the global campaign, no matter where you are. Your Walk will power more people, enable more advocacy and fund more support for the million Cubans living under siege. By joining #WalkingForCuba, you’ll be part of the lasting footprint we’ll make for the Cubans now, and for generations to come.

Che Abú Dublin

Cuba Solidarity Group Ireland has announced the details of a new event to take place in one month’s time for the 54th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara. Che Abú Dublin will take place on Saturday, October 9th, and will feature volunteers undertaking a 26km circular walk around Dublin. Walkers meet at the US Ambassador’s residence in the Phoenix Park at 10am.

Full details and map here

Walker of the #WakingForCuba campaign, they walked 60km, 15 hours from Co. meath to Dublin.

#WalkingForCuba 60km Walk

The “#WalkingForCuba against the blockade” campaign has completed an important stage when it arrived in Dublin, at the International Convention Center, the current provisional seat of the Irish Parliament, after 60 Kilometres and 15 hours of an arduous walk from Co. Meath, one kilometre for each year of existence of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States government against the Cuban people. The walkers were received by Deputy Thomas Pringle TD, coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Cuba, and by the also members of the Group, Deputies Joan Collins TD and Catherine Connolly TD, who as acting Speaker of Dáil received a petition from the walkers.

#WalkingForCuba – Cork city

Solidarity from CSGI for the 19th June Global Caravan

Last leg of the 60km walk, 15hr into Dublin city center