Years of U.S Blockade


Km #WalkingForCuba so far


Goal in Km

Our aim is to join in solidarity with the Cuban people against the illegal U.S. Blockade, to raise awareness on the this issue and to clock up as many kilometres as possible against the Blockade. We have several events and campaigns organised under walking for Cuba initiative. All details can be found below or on our social media. So far we have walked 674 kilometres, however you can help us reach our goal of 6000 Km by walking and using the hashtag #WalkingForCuba on your social media and posting a photo on our Facebook page. Let us know how many kilometres your have walked and we will add it to our counter. Who knows where the #WalkingForCuba will end? Do you bit and pass it on, the whole world is united against the U.S. Blockade of Cuba.

We are also planning take the 1847 Irish famine route along the Royal Canal taken by 1490 starving Irish, victims of another imperialism.

We will be walking 60 none-stop kilometres through night and day to represent 60 years of the relentless US blockade, we will arrive at the The Convention Centre Dublin Spencer Dock, North Wall Quay. Date to be confirmed due to restrictions. Follow the live updates on twitter @cubasupport. #WalkingforCuba

This is one of many walks and we ask people to support us. You can donate here
Monies raised will be used to break the US blockade on medical supplies to Cuban hospitals

You can also support us by walking with us where ever you are, just wear the T-Shirt and post a video on our Facebook page: Cuba Support Group Ireland

You can download the free campaign image here

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