The big 60km


Walker of the #WakingForCuba campaign, they walked 60km, 15 hours from Co. meath to Dublin.

#WalkingForCuba 60km Walk

The “#WalkingForCuba against the blockade” campaign has completed an important stage when it arrived in Dublin, at the International Convention Center, the current provisional seat of the Irish Parliament, after 60 Kilometres and 15 hours of an arduous walk from Co. Meath, one kilometre for each year of existence of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States government against the Cuban people. The walkers were received by Deputy Thomas Pringle TD, coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Cuba, and by the also members of the Group, Deputies Joan Collins TD and Catherine Connolly TD, who as acting Speaker of Dáil received a petition from the walkers.

On The 7th of July 2021 we following the historic 1847 Irish famine route along the Royal Canal taken by 1490 starving Irish, victims of another imperialism.

National famine route

We will be walking 60 none-stop kilometres through night and day to represent 60 years of the relentless US blockade, we will arrive at the The Convention Centre Dublin Spencer Dock, North Wall Quay. Follow the live updates on twitter @cubasupport. #WalkingforCuba

Detail of the route

This is one of many walks and we ask people to support us. You can donate here
With our partner  mediCuba-Europa we are funding a new campaign to buy syringes and needles for the vaccination campaign of the Cuban population. You can donate here

You can also support us by walking with us where ever you are, just wear the T-Shirt and post a video on our Facebook page: Cuba Support Group Ireland

You can download the free campaign image here