Cuba in all its diversity

Cuba never lost its compass amidst challenges and difficulties, nor did it stop thinking about its future, which was particularly reflected in the approval of the Code of Families, the intense legislative schedule and the recent municipal elections, which undoubtedly constituted relevant moments in the national political agenda.

Cuba? – When is the Monroe Doctrine going to die?

The Monroe Doctrine is one of the many means by which the United States has been expanding its hegemonic eagerness over the Latin American and Caribbean region since the early stages of its existence as a nation, Rodriguez pointed out. Over the years, he added, this policy has been reworked and adjusted.

Cuba Shows How to Take Action on Climate Change

Cuba, a small island besieged by the United States, is taking concrete measures to reorient its economy in the fight against climate change. It’s an example that the whole world should take seriously.

The World Stands with Cuba Once Again!

Once again, the United States has been left alone in its efforts to stifle Cuba. The General Assembly of the United Nations once again pronounced itself overwhelmingly against the economic blockade that Washington insists on maintaining against the island.