The World Stands with Cuba Once Again!

Once again, the United States has been left alone in its efforts to stifle Cuba. The General Assembly of the United Nations once again pronounced itself overwhelmingly against the economic blockade that Washington insists on maintaining against the island.

Cuba: Imagine What We Could Have Achieved Without the Blockade

“Cuba suffers because it has the right to live without a blockade and in peace. Everything would be better without a blockade. The United States would be a better country without a blockade. The world would be a better place without hostilities,” Bruno Rodriguez concluded.

Pinar del Rio, Epicenter of Recovery After Ian’s Impact on Cuba

Fifteen days after the passage of Hurricane Ian through western Cuba, authorities, technicians, neighbors, and entire communities are continuing to work tirelessly to reestablish the services most demanded by the population, and much remains to be done. This territory is today the epicenter of the recovery efforts amid the devastation and pain.

Cuba found to be the most sustainably developed country in the world

Cuba found to be the most sustainably developed country in the world.
Countries with strong human development and a lower environmental impact score highly, but countries with poorer life expectancies and literacy rates as well as those which exceed ecological limits are marked down.

The battle against Alzheimer’s disease is a priority for Cuba.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia (a syndrome generally of a chronic or progressive nature, characterized by the deterioration of cognitive function). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that this type of dementia represents between 60% and 70% of overall cases.

From the Hunt to the Auction of Che

In March 1967, some twenty men of the U.S. counterinsurgency special forces were installed in Bolivia, some of them transferred from South Vietnam. They were part of the Mobile Training Teams. They would be in charge of organizing and training a battalion of jungle “hunters”, an elite corps also known as “Rangers”.

Pinar del Río: Six hours that changed everything

Last Wednesday, from car to car, from stretch to stretch, we traveled about a hundred and fifty kilometers and reached Pinar del Río. Destruction, pain in people’s faces, fallen trees, houses without roofs, others on the ground. A bleak scene.