Xi Jinping and Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel agreed of “new era” of deepening Sino-Cuban relations

Regarding the outcomes of the discussions between Xi Jinping and Miguel Daz-Canel, the president of Cuba

On November 25, the discussions took place at the People’s Assembly House in Beijing.

Xi Jinping statements:

Following the 20th CPC Congress, the leader of Cuba is the first head of a state from the region to travel to China, demonstrating the cordial ties that exist between the two parties and the two nations.

China is prepared to collaborate with Cuba to increase political understanding,broaden cooperation, support one another on matters pertaining to shared interests, and improve communication in global and regional affairs.

China’s policy regarding its dedication to enduring friendship with Cuba will not change, regardless of how the global situation changes.

China will assist Cuba in defending its national sovereignty and fending off outside meddling and blockade.

Miguel statements:

He expressed congratulations to Xi Jinping on the accomplishments of the 20th CPC Congress and his reelection;

Diaz-Canel mentioned that he had read the 20th CPC Congress report. Cuba will look to China as a model for how to creatively solve problems and achieve the goal of building socialism in the face of an extremely challenging political and economic environment.

Cuba’s foreign policy prioritizes the improvement of relations with China.

The Cuban side affirms its steadfast adherence to the one-China principle and supports joint Belt and Road construction as well as global development and security initiatives.

Cuba is prepared to further develop its exchanges with China at the regional and global levels (Latin American Forum and Group of 77 + China).

In light of the outcome of the negotiations:

The parties adopted the “Joint Statement of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Cuba on deepening Sino-Cuban relations in a new era,” which outlines the mechanisms for consultation between foreign ministries, inter-party exchanges, and joint construction of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.