Che Abú Dublin

What is this about?

The Che Abú Dublin event is open to everyone who wants to see an end to the US blockade on Cuba. Whether you’re an individual, or organisation who wants to see an end to the decades long US blockade on Cuba, we welcome your support. Appropriate banners welcome.

There are few issues that unite the broad left in Ireland like opposition to the US blockade on Cuba. For six decades the US has sought to use its hegemonic power to strangle the heroic example set by the Cuban revolution. The blockade ruthlessly cuts off goods and supplies to the economy, regardless of the damage done to the welfare of ordinary Cuban citizens.

During his term in office, US President Trump tightened the noose around the necks of Cubans with 243 extra measures. Thus far, Biden has not just refused to revoke them but has added on more of his own. Cuba rejects such attempts to interfere in it’s sovereignty. It continues to call for the revoking of all sanctions and the lifting of the blockade that has impoverished generations of Cubans.

Is this a fundraising event?

It is indeed. Cuba is going through turmoil at the moment due to a combination of the effects of the blockade and the slowdown in economic activity brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the July anti-government protests. A call was made by US-backed protestors for an international humanitarian corridor to channel relief supplies to the Cuban people. This call went out in order to humiliate the Cuban government.

The reality is that the US blockade has been preventing relief from hardship for the people of Cuba for six decades. The reality is that groups like Cuba Support Group Ireland have been raising funds and sending supplies to assist the people of Cuba for many years now. This has had to be done under the radar for fear of being blocked, confiscated, withheld or sent back by the long arms of US government agencies. The building of such an international people’s humanitarian corridor, past the US blockade, is something that we are proud of being part of. In the past year alone, CSGI and #WalkingForCuba, through our partners in MediCuba-Europa, have sent €12,000 in medical supplies which have successfully reached their intended destination.

The Cuban revolution remains a shining example to the oppressed people of the Global South. Therein lies both its threat to US hegemony and our hope for a better tomorrow. Join us in celebrating the legacy of Che Guevara and in solidarity with the Cuban revolution in Dublin,

On Saturday, October 9th.

Walkers meet at the US Ambassador’s residence in the Phoenix Park at 10am. From there they will take a route through the areas of Cabra, Drumcondra and the North Strand, across the Liffey at the Samuel Beckett Bridge and on to the US Embassy in Ballsbridge. Walkers will then make their way back to the starting point in the Phoenix Park via Crumlin, Ballyfermot and Chaplelizod. This walk is open to anyone who wishes to join in. Whether it be for a few hundred metres or a few kilometres, we welcome all support!