Cuba Accuses and Shouts: Enough!

Our people feel, as if in their own flesh, the tremendous pain of the Palestinian people, whom the abusive and criminal government of Israel wishes to extinguish.

If Israel did not persist in continuing to massacre the humble, suffering and defenseless Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, the world could be crying out today for the end of other (also unnecessary) conflicts; for the peace, brotherhood and cooperation that people need so much; for a fairer and more equitable distribution of wealth and natural resources, for the better preservation of the environment…

Bassel Ismail Salem Palestinian refugee, whose father and family were martyred in Gaza in huge demonstration in Havana today. photo: Ana Hurtado

But with more than 100,000 victims since October, among dead and wounded (with brutal impact on children and women), a population in conditions of famine and blockade of medicines, the least we can do is to raise our voices, to unite wills, to demand a solution, as is happening today, when thousands and thousands of Cubans fill the main arteries and squares in all the provinces and in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.

Gigantic, multitudinous, the parade is certainly not the one that Cuba stages every year to celebrate International Workers’ Day, filled with joy, workers’ jubilation, initiatives, reasons for celebration.

This is a day of denunciation, of condemnation, of consternation and sadness for so many mortal victims, of indignation in the face of the impunity with which Tel Aviv bombs, burns, destroys and kills; of demand for the corresponding bodies to enforce international law.

This has been the case for months during which, for the same reason and with no less sensitivity and determination, people of different cities have expressed identical demands before the eyes and ears of a world that shames the status quo and, above all, the new generations it will engender for tomorrow, if it were to remain blind, deaf, mute and impassive in the face of a genocide that, in the light of the photographic and cinematographic lens, may seem like science fiction. Sadly it is not, it is the stark and unacceptable reality.

May 2-Cuban President Diaz Canel, consoles Palestinian medical student

Let today be a considerable opportunity to merge in a single cry, in chorus, in a common fist, the countless phrases, gestures and all the feelings of repudiation that we daily sprout in our homes, in the workplace, in any public space, in front of the magnitude of a massacre that, far from ceasing, is becoming more and more hell, by the way it continues to produce overflowing deaths.

Cuba feels it, as if in its own flesh, the tremendous pain of the Palestinian people, whom the abusive and criminal government of Israel wishes to extinguish.

Cuba accuses and shouts: Enough!

Source: Granma, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English