Cuba subject to yet another US destabilisation campaign

Cuba is currently resisting another US-orchestrated campaign seeking internal destabilisation which, like all previous attempts, is doomed to fail

The people of Cuba have robust democratic institutions and a popular elected government. They have been subjected to 62 years of illegal, inhuman and genocidal blockade imposed on them by the same cabal of imperialists that are currently funding and arming the genocide in Gaza. Their intent is to overthrow Cuban democracy, subjugate the Cuban people to foreign rule and steel their assets. 

The neighbouring country, Haiti, is a good example of what the US wants to bring to Cuba: lawlessness, poverty, destitution and occupation. It is no surprise that the Cuban people reject the US manoeuvring. They will ensure that their democratic institutions are protected from foreign interference and that anyone found by the courts to have acted as agents of the US will face due process and appropriate sanction under Cuban law. 

Of course the global corporate media will try to sell the usual lying US imperialist narrative, but who listens to them anymore? 

Cuba Support Group Ireland expresses our solidarity with the long suffering Cuban people and their elected government. We condemn the Irish government for its complicity in imposing illegal US sanctions against Cuba by tolerating the imposition of extraterritorial US banking laws on Irish banks, in contravention of Irish and EU law. 

We look forward to a day when Ireland will have a government that is worthy of the status of a sovereign state. Until then, we will look to Cuba as a beacon in the expression of national sovereignty, the vindication of the rights of its people and the defence of its constitutional order. 

National Executive Committee, 

Cuba Support Group Ireland.