The CIA repeats its history against Cuba.

Subversion against Cuba

By Arthur González.

Despite so many failures suffered in 62 years, the CIA and the United States government insist on overthrowing socialism in Cuba and for that they repeat old plans, as if the Cubans were stupid, forgetful and inexperienced.

It is true that there is a new generation of leaders on the Island, but they all grew up under the historical education of U.S. actions to destroy the Revolution, including plans for state terrorism, political subversion, and covert operations to assassinate Fidel Castro. , something that it seems the current CIA officials do not take into account and that is why their actions are spoiled.

On January 18, 1962, President JF Kennedy, embittered by the CIA’s deception in the Bay of Pigs invasion, revealed to his brother Robert Kennedy, Attorney General: “ The last chapter on Cuba has not yet been written, it has to be done and it will be done ”.

That decision was communicated to the new director of the CIA, with the following statement:

“A solution to the Cuban problem is currently a high priority for the United States government, everything else is secondary and no time, money, effort or human resources will be spared.”

Nothing has changed, it seems like yesterday, hence they wear out their desires and with the provocation devised for November 15, 2021, with a supposed march gestated from the United States, using the image of the playwright Yúnior García and the terrorist Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat .

A simple review of old secret plans of the CIA, such as the one approved in January 1962, allows us to verify the similarity of objectives that they intend to achieve with the vaunted march, since in the well-known Project Cuba or Operation Mongoose, it is stated: Name = n1065; HotwordStyle = BookDefault;

“The goal of the United States is to help Cubans overthrow the communist regime in Cuba and establish a new government with which the United States can live in peace.”

“To achieve this, the operation will be aimed at provoking a rebellion of the Cuban people. This uprising will overthrow the communist regime and establish a new government with which the United States can live in peace. The uprising needs a movement of political action strongly motivated and rooted in Cuba, capable of generating rebellion, directing it towards the objective pursued and taking advantage of its climax moment ” .

“ The preparation phase must culminate in a political action organization located in key locations in Cuba, which has its own internal communication media, its own voice for psychological operations and its own weapon of action. This must have the support of the majority of the Cuban people and that fact will make it known to the world. “

“The climax of the uprising will come from the angry reaction of the people to a governmental act (produced by an incident), or from a breakdown in the political leadership of the regime, or even both. Triggering this should be a primary goal of the project. The popular movement will take advantage of the moment of climax to initiate an open uprising ”.

If we review the call made by the internal counterrevolutionary elements in several Cuban cities, plus the campaign designed on social networks, we verify that everything is similar to the 1962 Project and that it resulted in a total fiasco.

At that time, the CIA was assigned the task of selecting 20 locations in Cuba where political action groups could be established. The main ones were Havana and some in the provinces of Camagüey and Las Villas.

A significant task of the old Cuba Project and that they now repeat, was the one that points out:

“The CIA has concluded that its real role will be to create the illusion that a popular movement gains outside support and to help establish a climate that will allow provocative acts in support of a shift to open action, by increasing its operational capacity.”

“The CIA will complete its plans for deception and covert actions, to help divide the communist regime in Cuba, together with the collaboration of the Defense, State and FBI departments.

Who can deny that, in its current plan for the convocation of the November 15, 2021 march, the CIA does not play the same role as 1962?

One of the tasks designed at that time coincides with the current ones, stating:    

“The CIA and the United States Information Agency will report on the progress in the process of identifying the popular movement within Cuba, with songs, symbols and propaganda themes.”

Is the song Patria o Vida, sung by Gente de Zona and Yotuel Romero, just a coincidence?

Here there is not because the facts show that the U.S. insist on the same effort and have no more measures to invent, because in half a century they used everything unspeakable to achieve their dreams.

Not for pleasure they reinforce their economic, commercial and financial war against the Cuban people, calculating that it is the only possible way to make the revolutionary government fail in its effort to satisfy the needs of the country, in addition to the psychological campaigns carried out by the CIA, to increase the resentment of the population, a combination that could serve as an argument for the counterrevolution to add Cuban men and women to the dreamed march.

Big mistake made by the U.S. who do not realise that the people of the Island have extensive training and see every day what happens in Latin America, where there is no socialism but neoliberal governments incapable of providing their citizens with education, health , employment and food, causing long caravans of emigrants fleeing capitalism and not precisely communism.

If the United States wants to measure forces, it will receive a forceful revolutionary response from the vast majority of the Cuban people and once again they will have to bite the dust of defeat, because as José Martí said:

“Historical companies are impossible when you do not want them and the will of a people encourages”

source: heraldocubano