The United States desperate to end the Cuban Revolution.

Faced with its continuous failures to achieve an internal rebellion in Cuba, through the application of hundreds of new measures of economic, commercial and financial war, which increase the hardships of the people like never before, together with the attempted street protests of November 27 and the July 11, the first funded to attract artists and the second to join low-ranking elements who looted shopping malls and attacked law enforcement officers, now desperately resort to organizing a provocative march, backed by a massive campaign of press in the world.

This unprecedented situation clearly exposes what the U.S. want, but they are going downhill in the face of violations of the laws in force and the timely action of the Cuban justice bodies, including the Attorney General’s Office, when informing the lackeys, its illegality and the application of the law for those who insist on the aforementioned provocation, planned for November 15, 2021.

Faced with a scenario where the provocateurs will be detained, the State Department and one of President Joe Biden’s advisers declared, without the slightest respect for Cuba’s sovereignty, that they will expand the sanctions if the island’s authorities prevent the vaunted march, as if the United States were the masters of the world, forgetting that Cubans stopped being afraid of their threats 62 years ago, something that irritates them greatly.

In order to attract international public opinion and in view of the failure of not being able to drag the hierarchy of the Island’s Catholic Church to its purposes, officials of the United States Intelligence Services devised the plan to carry out a provocation in the Vatican, during the Sunday Angelus prayer offered by the Pope from his window to St. Peter’s Square, as a preamble to the march called in Cuba.

The CIA decided to use Alexander Otaola, a Cuban based in Miami who serves as a promoter for their subversive plans, in order to convey the image that the activity was conceived by Cubans, something impossible to believe if some of the documents are reread secrets, already declassified by that Intelligence Agency, in its six decades of actions against the Cuban Revolution.

Who contributed the money for airfare, lodging and food for the participants who traveled to Italy from the United States? 

Not even the cretins buy the pill that it came from their personal pockets, knowing the economic crisis that Americans are currently going through and the financial help that Congress has had to offer to alleviate it.

But the best thing about the show was the performance of the Vatican and Italian authorities, who quickly and professionally prevented the provocation in St. Peter’s Square, and even took away the Cuban flag from one who managed to pass.

Nobody in the world allows such instigating acts that affect hundreds of people, because freedom of action has those limits and we do not live in the anarchy that the U.S. want to impose, because they do not allow disorder in their streets and they savagely repress those who try it.

The show staged in Italy reached its peak, when faced with the impediment of accessing St. Peter’s Square, a dozen of the provocateurs lay down with Cuban flags on Avenida de la Conciliation, blocking the way to attract the attention of the press. national and international, previously prepared to publicize the action. In addition, they gave hysterical shouts of “Homeland and Life”, “Freedom for Cuba” and carried signs in Italian that read “Mercy for the Cuban people” and “Respect for human rights in Cuba.”

The Italian authorities showed their reluctance to allow a provocation in their streets and when Otaola arrived at the Rome airport, he was taken to a place where they took his passport, as a preamble to the action of the police at the entrance to the Vatican.

The U.S. lackeys are already accusing Pope Francis on social networks of being a communist, because, bewildered, they try to sully the image of an Argentine who knew a real dictatorship closely.

No one has the right to create disorder and chaos under the guise of human rights.

Cuba has already warned them and hands will not tremble to take the measures provided for in the law, against those who try to promote the overthrow of the socialist system supported by the vast majority of the people, the one that had to make a Revolution because the capitalism imposed by Washington since 1900 It did not give results, a situation that is reflected in many Latin American countries and for this reason those who demand substantial changes in the economic, political and social system are cruelly repressed, without being sanctioned by the White House.

Certainly José Martí when he assured:

“Prevent in time with the independence of Cuba, that the United States extend through the Antilles and fall, with that force more, on our lands of America.”

By Arthur González.

source: herladocubano