The prizes, payment formula for the counterrevolution.

In an attempt to evade the denunciations of Cuba and the term of wage earners, used for those who have historically sold their souls to the U.S as a way of living without working, in recent years CIA specialists have sought the formula of delivering money through prizes international organisations, some very well known, to mask the payment of their lackeys for the services rendered.

In the face of strong Cuban complaints made, with the publication of the payment receipts that the U.S. diplomats delivered, they made an abrupt change of action and that is why the financing reaches the counterrevolutionaries through prizes, many of them with thousands of dollars or euros. as is the case of Yoani Sánchez Cordero, who became a blogger after being recruited in Spain in 2004 by CIA agent Carlos Alberto Montaner.

At that time, the CIA had designed subversive work towards young Cubans through social networks, and they turned that Cuban emigrant into a blogger, later supported by various diplomatic headquarters in Havana, providing her access to the Internet.

In order to position her internationally, just one year after the departure of her blog, TIME magazine selected her in 2008, among the 100 most influential people in the world, a fact repeated in 2021 with the counterrevolutionary Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara. The following year, People magazine chose her among the 25 most outstanding people in Latin America, actions that served as the basis for starting a precipitous cascade of awards, something unparalleled in the history of Latin American intellectuals.

In 2008, at the proposal of the Spanish newspaper El País, he received the Ortega y Gasset Prize , for digital journalism, with 15 thousand euros. This is how the “shining star” of the moment was born, a fact that was endorsed by various press agencies and newspapers, which evidenced their service to the CIA, as part of Operation Mockingbird, including CNN, Deutsche Welle of Germany, Gatopardo and Editorial Perfil of Argentina and the U.S. magazine Foreign Policy that named her in 2008 as one of the 10 most influential intellectuals in Latin America, without having any work to back her up.

In 2009, she received the María Moors Cabot award, from the North American University of Columbia, with $ 5,000 and TV Azteca awarded her third place in a Caminos de la Libertad essay contest , with $ 5,000; The World Economic Forum of Switzerland with the Young Global Leaders Award , and the screen organization of the CIA, Pan American Development Foundation, PADF, the 2009 Heroes of the Hemisphere Award , the latter with an unpublished sum of money.

2010 was relevant in the subversive plans designed by the CIA with its Generación Y blog . That is why the Danish Center for Independent Research presented him with the CEPOS Freedom Prize , backed by 40 thousand euros; the Prince Claus Foundation of the Netherlands, presented the Prince Claus Prize for journalism, with 25 thousand euros; the Public University of Navarra, Spain, with the Jaime Brunet International Prize , with 36 thousand euros. The Spanish program 20 Minutes was selected by the bravest woman on earth , thanks to the campaigns against Cuba.  

In 2011, the International Ibero-American Congress on Social Networks presented her with the iRedes Award in an individual category, with 6 thousand euros, placing her as the Cuban who has received the most awards without having intellectual work, only thanks to her subversive actions. In 2012, the Spanish party, Unión Progreso y Democracia, even proposed her for the Nobel Peace Prize, an absurd and irrational fact.

Under the same financing scheme for the counterrevolution, on October 30, the Oxi Day Foundation in Washington awarded the Oxi Prize for Courage 2021, to Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, head of the group San Isidro, backed with 5,000 dollars. At the event, Senator Bob Menéndez said: “the courage, indomitable spirit and leadership of Luis Manuel Otero continue to inspire many.”

Another who also entered the awards stage is Rosa María Paya Acevedo, goddaughter of the anti-Cuban terrorist mafia, especially Senator Marco Rubio, who was awarded at the 2019 Annual Gala Dinner, with the highest recognition given by the organization UN Watch, for being an “activist” for Human Rights. He also received the “Ileana Ros-Lehtinen International Leadership Award” of the year 2020, awarded by the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute , an award that Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, also received .

To follow this rhyme, the diplomatic mission of the Kingdom of Norway in Havana, has just awarded the film director Carlos Lechuga, of hyper critical positions towards the Revolution and the counterrevolutionary leader Yúnior García, with the Norwegian Fund for Cuban Cinema of 2021 .

The money delivered aims to boost the production of films by Cuban independent directors and contributes between 250 thousand CUP, (10 thousand 417 dollars) and 100 thousand CUP, (4 thousand 17 dollars).

Tania Brugueras could not be left out of this and on November 4, 2021 she received the Velázquez Prize for Plastic Arts, delivered annually by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, accompanied by 100,000 euros, an obvious dedication for all her entrusted activities while she remained in Cuba.

This new method to pay for subversive actions began with the well-known Sakharov Prize , promoted by the European Parliament for “Freedom of Conscience”, awarded to “opponents” of countries with governments not accepted by the United States, and is backed with an endowment of 50 thousand euros.

The first on the list was Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas, in 2002, followed by the small group Ladies in White in 2005 and in 2010 by Guillermo Fariñas.

This practice offers the U.S the possibility of allocating large sums of money, justifying them by supposed acts of “struggle for human rights”, masking that it is to finance their subversive activities against the Cuban socialist Revolution. That is why it is claimed that being a counterrevolutionary offers more economic advantages than being a professional in science.

This is how many have lived and still live from the story of being “dissidents”, but as José Martí warned:

“Money has to be seen from the root, because if it is born impure it does not bear good fruit.”

source: herladocubano by Arthur González

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