Plan of the United States and the European Union to sanction Cuba.

By Arthur González.

The call for the provocative march of the internal counterrevolution is part of the new plan of the United States to have the pretext of increasing sanctions against Cuba, which has the support of the European Parliament, under the alleged violations of human rights.

Just a few months after the overwhelming Cuban victory in the United Nations General Assembly against the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States maintains against the Cuban people, the U.S. intend to divert the world’s attention from their genocide and sow the matrix of world opinion that Cuba is “a dictatorship that represses” its citizens, and that is why they organize the march that seeks a change in the system, something that Washington does not allow in their own country.

Counterrevolutionary organizations in Miami, supported and financed by the United States regime to act against Cuba, stimulated the aforementioned march from the beginning, even the State Department itself spoke out giving it all the support, which shows who is behind the supposed initiative of its organizers on the Island.

The U.S. are convinced that the Cuban people will not support such a provocation and many of the participants will be arrested for violating current laws, for that reason they are preparing new sanctions, something that Joe Biden will approve under pressure from the anti-Cuban mafia, instead of fulfilling his electoral promises of Eliminate the sanctions imposed by Donald Trump, which are directed against the people, such as the trips of Cubans residing in the United States to visit their family, the prohibition of remittances and the licenses that allowed cultural, educational and religious exchange among the two countries.

These sanctions affected the Cuban private sector, which stopped having North American clients in its restaurants, cafeterias, hostels, and transportation.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Cuba summoned the organizers of the march, to alert them of the violation of the laws if they execute it, as they will surely do to give arguments to the U.S. and Europeans for their new sanctions, as contemplated in the plan elaborated for weeks by the specialists of the CIA and the State Department that make up the division in charge of the work against Cuba.

In recent days, several MEPs controlled by the U.S. embassy in Brussels, demanded that the European Union break its relations with the Cuban government, a request joined by Rosa María Payá, a close collaborator of Senator Marco Rubio, who publicly declared that Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, must strongly condemn the “human rights violations in Cuba.”

For greater pressure and media propaganda, he signed a joint statement with MEPs Hermann Tertsch, Leopoldo López Gil and José Ramón Bauza, where they condemn the “misdeeds” and “abuses” practiced by Havana.

Everything is ready for sanctions, which in the case of the European Union intends to suspend the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and Cuba, including financial aid, all to reinforce the U.S. economic and financial war, something that Washington aspires to since the Common Position, approved in 1996 at the proposal of the then President of Spain, José María Aznar, was eliminated.

The United States also showed its line of action, supported by the spurious report prepared, “coincidentally” in recent days, by the organization financed by them, Human Rights Watch, condemning the government of Cuba for “the attacks on the Cuban people for peacefully protesting, such as arbitrary detentions, abusive trials, mistreatment, beatings and psychological abuse ”.

On the steps that the White House will take to tighten its sanctions on the Cuban people, Undersecretary Brian A. Nichols said that this report details the “attack by the Cuban regime on the Cuban people,” adding:

“The United States strongly condemns the Cuban regime’s decision not to authorize peaceful protests. Denying the right of peaceful assembly to Cubans on November 15 shows the Cuban regime’s contempt for the human rights and freedoms of its people. This and other blatant attempts to intimidate its citizens are a clear sign that the regime will not listen to what Cubans have to say.

And with the usual U.S. cynicism he added:

“The United States maintains its firm commitment to the Cuban people, its right to peacefully assemble and express itself, and its effort to freely choose its leaders and decide their future.”

Those who intend to kill Cubans due to hunger and disease, prevent the purchase of medicines and medical equipment to face the Covid-19 pandemic, pursue the acquisition of food and fuel, deny family reunification visas and the arrival of remittances, they declare “Committed to helping Cubans.”

The U.S. plan to increase sanctions has been approved since they designed the march and prepared its organizers in Cuba. They only await the actions of the authorities to begin their execution, because as Robert Kennedy, Attorney General of the United States, said in January 1962, during a meeting of the Expanded Special Group of the Security Council, for Cuba:

“A solution to the Cuban problem is currently a high priority for the United States government, everything else is secondary. No time, money, effort or human resources will be spared. There should be no mistake about the commitment of our agencies involved, nor in the responsibility that they weigh in this work. These agencies are aware that they will give the maximum in everything necessary ”.

“The last chapter on Cuba has not yet been written, it has to be done and it will be done.”

Cuba is a thorn stuck in the guarantor of the U.S. and that is why, despite so many failures, they insist on writing that last chapter, supported by novice mercenaries who aspire to earn a temporary space on the political scene and a visa to reside in the United States, but as José Martí sentenced:

“Poverty passes, what does not is disgrace.”

source: heraldocubano