López Obrador: “It’s a Shame!” to Maintain the Blockade of Cuba

“It’s a disgrace!” In that phrase President Andrés Manuel López Obrador defined what happened yesterday within the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN) where despite the overwhelming position of the nations against the blockade of Cuba, it is maintained due to the votes against it by the United States and Israel.

The World Stands with Cuba Once Again!

Once again, the United States has been left alone in its efforts to stifle Cuba. The General Assembly of the United Nations once again pronounced itself overwhelmingly against the economic blockade that Washington insists on maintaining against the island.

Cuban Americans and Solidarity Activists March in NYC Before Annual UN Vote on U.S. Embargo

Cuban Americans and other activists from around the country marched from Times Square to the United Nations this weekend in anticipation of an annual UN vote to condemn the 60-year-old blockade against Cuba. We hit the streets of New York City to ask demonstrators what brought them out to protest and what they think about the Biden administration’s policy toward Cuba.

Marco Rubio Redbaits Cuban-American Activists Protesting U.S. Sanctions in Miami

Miami is known as the bastion of Cuban-American hardliners. But many in Miami don’t support U.S. sanctions on Cuba. Every month Cuban-American activists gather to call for an end to the embargo and better relations with Cuba. Their message of reconciliation has angered pro-embargo politicians like Marco Rubio, who has called for an F.B.I. investigation.

Marco Rubio or naturalized cynicism

”It is impossible for Marco Rubio and his followers to understand that there are more and more people in the United States every day –regardless of their nationality- who join the struggle against the blockade and for the practice of friendship, solidarity and love, as opposed to hatred, sanctions and the most perfidious policy to suffocate entire peoples”

The 1976 Barbados Terrorist Bomb Attack: The Pain is Still Intact for Cubans

Today October 6, on occasion of the 46th anniversary of the Barbados Crime, Resumen Latinoamericano shares an interview with the daughter of the Cubana de Aviación Flight 455 co-pilot, Miguel Espinosa, one of the 73 innocent people, many of whom were children, killed in that terrorist attack that the Cuban people will never forget.