Marco Rubio or naturalized cynicism

Marco Rubio is perhaps the most furious anti-Cuban character in the United States.

Therefore, it came as no surprise that he launched an attack against the human and solidarity project Puentes de Amor (Bridges of Love), headed by Cuban professor Carlos Lazo, who lives in the United States. He suggested that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) submit the creator of the initiative and his project to criminal investigation.

It is impossible for Marco Rubio and his followers to understand that there are more and more people in the United States every day –regardless of their nationality- who join the struggle against the blockade and for the practice of friendship, solidarity and love, as opposed to hatred, sanctions and the most perfidious policy to suffocate entire peoples.

The Curriculum Vitae of the Republican senator stands out for facts such as having been a friend and follower of the terrorist of Cuban origin Luis Posada Carriles and for maintaining and promoting on social networks his appearances, in photos and videos, hugging and smiling with Donald Trump, the president who supported him for his reelection as senator.

He is also repeatedly seen “whispering” with Luis Almagro, the secretary general of the Oranization of American States (OAS), with whom he is known to be totally identified, just as much as he is in the most perverse plans against Cuba as against Venezuela or Nicaragua.

It should also be remembered that, although he now supports the policy maintained by Joe Biden against Cuba, he described as “embarrassing” that the U.S. president did not invite the impostor Juan Guaidó to represent Venezuela at the Summit of the Americas.

This is only a tiny part of Marco Rubio’s extensive dossier, for whom his policy is hatred against those who do good, while he boasts of his affiliation with the bearers of evil.

He asking the FBI to investigate Carlos Lazo, Puentes de Amor and the U.S. citizens who participate in the peaceful caravans demanding the end of the blockade against Cuba, is nothing more than a campaign of persecution, which he needs to justify the dividends he earns for his profitable anti-Cuban policy. This happening in the nation whose governments they consider to be the standard bearer of democracy and pluralism is not only cynical, but shameful.

However, plots like these and characters like Marco Rubio are natural expressions of the political framework of that country, cradle of the crudest actions against peoples and countries that do not bend to the designs of the empire, and that resist in the path of building a project of love and solidarity, contrary to the hatred professed and practiced by characters like the senator from Florida.

Translated y ESTI