Mara Tekach’s bad memory.

Mara Tekach, former United States business manager in Havana and current State Department official, in the face of her lack of memory, intends to upset history by supporting the reinclusion of Cuba in the list of countries that sponsor terrorism and declaring the 12th January 2021 at a press conference:

“The Cuban government repeatedly refused to cooperate in the surrender of American fugitives who have been in Cuba for more than thirty years.”

Absent of shame, this official intends to change history and accuse Cuba of what her government does.

Will she not remember that on January 1, 1959, the United States received hundreds of officers and officials from the army of dictator Fulgencio Batista, members of the repressive organs created and advised by the FBI, murderers, torturers and thieves who fled from justice Cuban and despite being officially claimed, under the current agreement between the two governments, were they not extradited?

If your lack of political culture does not allow you to take into account the true history of your country, it is best not to speak what you cannot support, because the list of real murderers that Washington welcomed in its territory as political refugees is very extensive and among them are:

Jesús Blanco Hernández. Former commander of the Batista navy, claimed for his crimes in a diplomatic note dated January 27, 1959, sent to the US Secretary of State by the interim charge d’affaires of the Cuban embassy in Washington.

Conrado Carratalá Ugalde. Former head of the Department of the Directorate of the Batista police. War criminal fugitive from justice, sentenced in Case No. 3 of 1959, for his murders and participating in the well-known Trujillista Conspiracy, which tried to invade Cuba on August 13, 1959.

José Ramón Conte Hernández. He fled from Cuba to the United States, a fugitive in Case No. 448/59 of the Havana Tribunal, sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of the student and worker, Antonio Díaz Santana.

Sotero Delgado Méndez. Involved in the murder of Dr. Pelayo Cuervo Navarro in Havana. In a diplomatic note to the United States authorities, his extradition was requested through the North American law firm that represented the Cuban Mission, on May 27, 1959.

Orlando Piedra Negueruela , Mariano Faget Díaz and Rafael MA Gutiérrez Martínez , fugitives from Cuban justice for serious crimes committed during the Batista tyranny, implicated in Case No. 321/57. On March 23, 1959 the extradition was requested from the United States authorities.

Armentino Feria Pérez . Member of the paramilitary group “Tigres de Masferrer”, famous for its murders. On January 12 and January 20, 1959, the Cuban Ministry of State sent diplomatic notes to the US embassy in Havana, requesting his extradition.

José Franco Mira. Former member of the Investigations Bureau of the Batista regime and murderer of the revolutionaries Sergio González “El Curita” and Efraín Alfonso Liriano, was sued for being a fugitive from justice, sentenced to 30 years in prison in Case 833/61.

Pilar Danilo García and García. Brigadier General, police chief of the tyrant Batista, author of several murders. He fled Cuba in January 1959. Like the previous murderers, he was accepted as a political refugee, despite having a case pending in Cuban courts.

Irenaldo Remigio García Báez. Lieutenant Colonel, former head of Batista’s Military Intelligence Service, and son of Brigadier General Pilar García. Knowing the State Department of his crimes, he received the benefit of political refugee

Nicolás Hernández Méndez. Former member of the paramilitary groups commanded by the murderer Rolando Masferrer. He fled Cuba in January 1959 and also received political refuge, despite being the author of the murder of Mario Cardet Pérez.

Julio Stelio Laurent Rodríguez . Officer of the Naval Intelligence Service of the Batista tyranny. Assassin of Captain Jorge Agostini. It was claimed in diplomatic notes on January 9 and 20, 1959, for pending cases in the Cuban courts.

He was held at the McAllen Immigration Center, in Texas, along with Rolando Masferrer Rojas , a professional gangster and an FBI agent, a multiple murderer of innocent civilians. Both received political refuge.

Antonio Carlos Veciana Blanch , organized four assassinations against Fidel Castro. Recruited by the CIA in 1960, founder of the terrorist group Alpha 66. He fled Cuba and received refuge in the United States.

The list is long, but Mara Tekach didn’t say a single word about it.

José Martí was wise when he stated:

“Nothing teaches so much, nor does it prove better than a specific case

source: Heraldo Cubano