The Brain as a Territory of Conquest

The protests in Cuba on July 11, 2021 were the result of the precision communicational bombardment on the brains of thousands of people overwhelmed, in Cuba, by months of severe material shortages.

It was the direct consequence, in turn, of the economic asphyxiation being applied, in the midst of the pandemic, by the same criminal hand: that of the US Government.

The messages on social networks were – and still are – elementary, without nuances: the Cuban government is to blame for the shortages caused by an unviable socialist system. Not a word about the criminal blockade.

This is how the Fifth Generation War, whose territory of conquest is the human brain, works: it makes certain victims turn the aggressor into a savior; and an elaborate strategy of social lobotomy becomes a “spontaneous protest for freedom”.

This cognitive warfare continues today. And it is coordinated, by the US Intelligence Community, NGOs, contractors and mercenaries presented as journalists or “agents of change”. They try, again and again, to repeat and extend the framework of the J11 protests. On top of that Cuba’s National Cyber Security Group fends off 1.6 million malicious internet attacks per week.

A year ago, the Cuban people, led by its president, took to the streets and stopped the attempted coup in less than 24 hours. Today the challenge is to get out of the acute economic crisis, even under the Yankee blockade.

Some people on the left have also fallen into the trap of cognitive warfare. But the majority in the field of solidarity, no. And they are today an indispensable part of the army that Cuba needs to win this merciless and unequal war.

Source: Cuba en Resumen