CIA director admits media myth ‘Havana Syndrome’ is not foreign attack

CIA Director William Burns admitted that US spies and diplomats suffering from “Havana Syndrome” were not attacked by a foreign country like Russia, China, or Cuba, and there are normal medical explanations.

Top Western corporate media outlets have spent years spreading a conspiracy theory called “Havana Syndrome,” claiming without any evidence that Russia, China, and/or Cuba were systematically attacking US spies and diplomats with futuristic microwave technology and directed-energy weapons.

The CIA itself admitted in January 2022 that there was absolutely no proof of this, and its scientific experts concluded that Havana Syndrome is not caused by attacks by foreign adversaries. They found normal medical explanations for the condition’s very vague symptoms.

CIA Director William Burns himself has now publicly acknowledged that Havana Syndrome is not a result of attacks, in comments first reported by Kawsachun News.

In an interview with NBC News Correspondent Andrea Mitchell at the Aspen Security Forum on July 20, the CIA director rejected the myriad mainstream media articles that blamed Havana Syndrome on Russia, China, and/or Cuba.

“We don’t assess that a foreign player or the Russians or anyone else is behind or is responsible for a sustained global campaign on the scale of what has been reported to harm U.S. personnel, with a weapon or some kind of external device,” Burns said.

“In the majority of incidents – and we’ve, you know, investigated each one as thoroughly as we possibly can, and we’re still working on a number of them – that, you know, you could find reasonable alternative explanations, whether it was other environmental factors, or preexisting medical conditions, or other kind of medical explanations,” he added.

Multipolarista documented some of the blatantly false Havana Syndrome conspiracies spread by major corporate media outlets.

In January, Multipolarista interviewed Doctor Robert Bartholomew, a medical sociologist and leading expert on mass hysteria and social panics.

In 2020, Bartholomew published a book titled “Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria,” which accurately predicted that the condition was psychological and was not caused by foreign attacks.

source: multipolarista