Senile and liar

Picture by artists Alex Ross

President Joe Biden’s first speech to the 76th UN General Assembly, on September 21, 2021, demonstrated the unfortunate situation in which his mental health is found, by being wrong 20 times according to the White House itself and lying, without the slightest hint of shame, regarding the position assumed by the United States, as if in today’s world there are only political illiterates and cretins.

One of his ravings was when he stated: 

“We are not interested in a new Cold War with authoritarian countries like China, nor in a world divided into rigid blocks.”

If what the United States does against the Asian giant and Russia, permanently accusing them of false facts, imposing sanctions on them, demonizing them before public opinion and calling President Vladimir Putin a murderer, is not a cold war, then what will it be?

His most recent action against France, by signing a new agreement for the formation of another military bloc with the United Kingdom and Australia (AUKUS) for the sale of nuclear submarines to Australia, is irrefutable proof that the U.S. have no ethics, they will continue dividend the world into blocks to attempt against peace, in an area close to China and North Korea.

In his maneuver to hide the truth of his imperialist regime, Biden expressed:

“The future will belong to those who embrace human dignity, not those who trample it and who try to stifle their people with an iron hand.”

Does the old president think that the world population forgot what the United States police did to repress blacks, in the face of the demonstrations for the vile murder of George Floyd and the one carried out during the street protests in August 2014, when Michael Brown was assassinated, by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri?

The U.S. do not respect human dignity and suffocate with firearms any attempt at mass protests, in violation of human rights and the much vaunted democracy that they demand of others.

While Biden spoke at the UN and demonized Cuba and Venezuela, the Texas state border guard mounted on horses, gave a lesson in “democracy and respect for human dignity”, handing out lashes against Haitians who tried to request asylum in the United States , scenes similar to those of the slave owners of the 19th century. However, of this heinous situation there is no pronouncement of condemnation from the State Department and even less from the European Parliament or the OAS.

In his many lies, Biden assured the end of the cold war, but failed to mention the billions of dollars that his regime allocates annually to the NGO fronts of the CIA, NED and USAID among others, to subvert internal order in countries that have uncompromising governments, subjected to commercial, economic and financial wars, together with acts of terrorism carried out by the U.S. to prevent their development, just as they do against Cuba and Venezuela.

Much demagoguery deployed the elderly president in his speech to the participants in the 76 UN General Assembly, regarding the confrontation with Covid-19 and climate change, forgetting the mismanagement of the White House on both issues, even with measures that they hinder the plans of other nations, among them the strong opposition to lift the economic and financial sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela, so that they cannot acquire medicines and equipment for Covid patients.

While claiming to fight terrorism, he gives full support to terrorist groups acting from Colombia against Venezuela, and recently released the notorious Cuban terrorist, Eduardo Arocena, sentenced to two life sentences for the murder of at least two people, one of them a Cuban diplomat. before the UN, and the placing of 100 bombs that exploded inside the United States, according to FBI arguments.

Nor did he show a position in favor of a respectful dialogue with Iran, regarding the nuclear agreement that the United States abandoned due to imperial arrogance.

When he referred to the fact that “the future will belong to those who embrace human dignity, not to those who trample it and try to suffocate their people with an iron hand,” he should have condemned Israel by name, for constantly massacring the Palestinian people, murder defenseless civilians, imprison minors and steal part of their territory, without respecting UN resolutions.

For this unconditional ally of the U.S. there are no sanctions or economic and financial wars, on the contrary, support and a lot of money.

Nor did he apologize to the Afghan people for the murder of thousands of citizens and the destruction and misery that twenty years of an unjustified invasion has left in that country, disrespecting the world by saying that: “The United States has renewed its commitment to fight against hunger in the world, through food aid and promoting health ”, when its troops and the interventionist policy only provoke the opposite, something verifiable when observing the images of cities destroyed by the U.S. bombs in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan .

The current situation in Latin America is yet another proof that the neoliberal policies promoted from Washington are the fundamental cause of the thousands of emigrants fleeing savage capitalism and brutally repressed protests in Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

In contrast to Biden’s demagogic speech, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, in an objective and real analysis, expressed when opening the General Assembly:

The world has never been so threatened or so divided […] I am afraid that we are sliding towards two different sets of economic factors, business, financial and technological norms, two divergent approaches in the development of artificial intelligence and, ultimately , two military and geopolitical strategies. A recipe for a conflict much less predictable than the cold war

Before pointing out other nations, Biden should work to eliminate the armed violence that shakes his own country, which increased by 9% compared to 2020, accumulating to date 14,516 fatalities, a situation that will become the worst of the century, something the old president doesn’t see either.

That is why José Martí expressed:

“Wide grave builds evil with his own hands.”