Servile to their masters

The United States, frustrated at not having obtained results on July 11, in its plans to promote a popular anti-revolution movement in Cuba, when they prepared a strong propaganda machine through social networks with the aspiration of repeating their experience in Ukraine.

Faced with this defeat, they undertook the task of increasing their well-worn crusade of “lack of freedom” and “human rights violations” on the Island, with the employment of their lackeys in the European Parliament.

It’s well known who’s behind some of the parties of the parliament, who directs them and where the money comes from to finance them. For this reason, every time the U.S. make a call to condemn Cuba or Venezuela, the servants are there ready to carry out the orders. However, they never condemn countries like Colombia where government repression is endemic, the assassinations of social leaders is the daily bread and the arbitrary arrests and the disappeared are constant.

All the subversive actions devised and developed by the Yankees and their intelligence agencies, aimed at materializing a popular movement in Cuba have been a fiasco, among them on November 11, 2020 led by Tania Brugueras; The San Isidro Movement and July 11, 2021 are living examples, because the true Cuban people are not on social networks, they are on every street and despite the hardships caused by 62 years of economic and financial war, they continue to support the Revolution for the most part socialist.

Cuba, poor and blocked by the United States, not only stoically resists, but advances and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which in addition to health affects its economy, but achieved with its scientists trained by the Revolution, create 5 Vaccine candidates and of them, three already certified as vaccines, making it possible for their entire population over 3 years to be immunized, a situation that the European Parliament omits.

We do not know why the U.S. could not include Cuba in the recent report on Human Rights, prepared by the UN High Commissioner and perhaps part of the reason was the strong pressure of their lackeys in the European Parliament, for their new resolution that condemns Havana.

In this resolution, preceded by a complex debate, conservatives, liberals and “socialists”, charged with hatred, condemned the supposed and manipulated “violence and repression” of the Cuban authorities during the riots of July 11, facts dismantled with sufficient evidence exposed on national TV, where the aggressiveness of a group of those protesters was exhibited, against the police, the assault on shopping centers, the use of Molotov cocktails and other means used to attack those who came out in defence of internal order.

The U.S. have never been able to demonstrate in Cuba a police repression like the ones they practice against their black population, nor have been people disappeared or assassinated, as is the case in Chile and Colombia, which their propaganda teams do not accuse or sanction.

The European Parliament is an orphan of morality and authority for acting in favor of the United States, not condemning the longest economic, commercial and financial war in modern history, of a large and powerful country against a small one that does not affect its national security, nor to denounce the acts of terrorism carried out by the CIA against the Cuban people, which do violate the rights of eleven million people.

Why didn’t that same European Parliament sanction the United States for the savage crackdowns on the Black Lives Matters movement, nor did they say a single word when the police crackdown killed George Floyd and other defenseless blacks, children included?

And the torture of the CIA in its secret prisons, including the one located in its naval base in Guantánamo, does not concern the parliamentarians who now demand from Cuba respect for the protesters, democratic reforms and economic openness?

Better to be honest and expose that all they want is to dismantle Cuban socialism, as happened in the European socialist countries, and impose a servile government to Washington in the style of Jeanine Añez in Bolivia, through a coup that also caused no concern in the parliamentarians of Europe, where there was a brutal repression, massacres of citizens who opposed this manoeuvre supported by the OAS, arrests and criminal acts seen on TV, without any of these Human Rights violations motivating MEP Leopoldo López Gil, from the Popular Party and less to the Czech Dita Charanzová, vice president of the European Parliament, both well-known puppets of the U.S.

The really purpose the United States wants is to annul the Agreement between Brussels and Havana, because it allows trade and economic improvement for the Island, a situation that the United States is strongly opposed to, which only aspires to suffocate the Cuban economy.

Together with this and in their approved plan to increase the opinion matrix against the Cuban Revolution, in the month of October they will take CIA agent Tania Brugueras, to the Oslo Freedom Forum, to vomit her hatred and frustration, together with the fugitive of the Venezuelan justice, Leopoldo López, son of the European parliamentarian.

Along the same lines, TIME magazine, which is part of the CIA staff for its subversive actions, as recorded in the declassified Operation Mockingbird, has just put another garbage can by naming the criminal Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, among the 100 most influential people in America, along with personalities such as Prince Harry of the United Kingdom and his wife.

They no longer know what else to do to tarnish the image of the Cuban Revolution, they waste billions and the people continue their unrestricted support for socialism, because they know what they would lose if the U.S. returned to govern the country, a situation alerted by José Martí, when he wrote:

“Prevent in time with the independence of Cuba the United States from spreading through the Antilles and falling, with that more force, on our lands in America.”

source: herladocubano