Grenada praises Cuba’s assistance in dealing with COVID-19

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (CMC) — Grenada has hailed Cuba’s contribution to the international campaign against the coronavirus (COVID-19) as the island welcomed doctors from the Caribbean island late on Friday.

“Cuba’s contribution to the international fight against COVID is one of the remarkable stories of this crisis,” Foreign Affairs Minister Peter David said at a ceremony here welcoming medical officials.

“The world has seen Cuban solidarity at its best. This is a selfless people, who have given time and time again, and in spite of their many challenges and pressure from some quarters, they have always stood steadfast. The entire world owes them a ton of gratitude,” he added.

Health Minister said international partners, including China, Venezuela and especially have been of great assistance throughout this entire crisis.

“The Ministry of Health and the government of Grenada have had great success in managing this situation. We believe that at this stage given everything we are in a good position, with the discipline of our people, to get a handle of the entire situation. But we will always remember the contribution of our friends,” he added.

The two Cuban doctors are the latest addition to a huge Cuban medical team here helping the government to manage the COVID 19 pandemic for which there is no cure and vaccine. The virus, which was first detected in China last December has been blamed for more than 200,000 deaths and the infection of more than three million others worldwide.

The intensivist and a doctor in internal medicine will join the 37 members of the Cuban medical brigade in Grenada. They were met on arrival by David, Steele, the Cuban Ambassador and the COVID 19 Czar Dr George Mitchell.