EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dr. Franco Cavalli – President of MediCuba-Europa

The Cuba Support Group Ireland is a Member of mediCuba-Europa and the donations given by our supporters either directly through our www.cubasupport.ie website link or through #WalkingForCuba are channelled through the mediCuba-Europa Swiss based network to meander past the US blockade into Cuba. We have directly contributed to the acquisition of syringes to carry out the mass immunisation campaign with the Cuban vaccines Abdala and Soberana, as well as the purchase of antibiotics such as Vancomycin, Ceftriaxone and Cefazolin.
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MediCuba-Europa has many years of experience in collaborating with Cuba in health matters and has provided formidable help in overcoming obstacles caused by illegal US economic restrictions and sanctions in order to acquire medicines and equipment to save the lives of Cubans.

Watch this exclusive Interview by Sierra Maestra with Dr. Franco Cavalli, the President of MediCuba in which he speaks at length on the work undertaken by the organisation –

Sierra Maestra discusses with the internationally recognized Swiss Oncologist Dr. Franco Cavalli, President of the NGO MediCuba Europe, a non-profit network of Organizations and Associations from thirteen European countries, that practices solidarity with Cuba in the field of health. Recently, the MediCuba network provided assistance and support to Cuba’s efforts to develop a vaccine against Covid-19. Dr. Cavalli, in this exclusive interview, refers to the US embargo on Cuba and makes his comments on the way the Cuban health system has faced the pandemic so far. He also explains the current structure of the Cuban healthcare system, its challenges and prospects and what lessons can be learned from it. Finally, he confirms – for the first time – the rumors that he was a member of the team of doctors responsible for the treatment of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.