Cuban medical team arrives in Peru to fight Covid-19

A Cuban medical team arrived in Peru to help in the fight against the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and its chief, Raudel Vargas Olivera, said the mission is an honor for them.
Cuban Ambassador to Peru Sergio Gonzalez and the coordinator of the operation and Health Minister representative, Victor Zamora, welcomed the doctors.

The Cuban health professionals arrived in a country that, according to the latest official report, has 178,914 coronavirus cases and 4,894 deaths since the virus emerged in March 6.

The doctors, divided into groups, will travel in the next few days to cities within the country seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic and whose authorities, residents and the Congress of the Republic requested their arrival.

Their arrival, in virtue of a bilateral agreement, was preceded by multiple expressions of satisfaction and support from social organizations and personalities to the international initiative that nominates the Henry Reeve medical brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize due to its altruistic work in many countries globally.

The Cuban doctors’ presence in this country also coincided almost exactly with the arrival of the first Cuban medical brigade to Peru, 50 years ago, who came to assist the victims of the May 31, 1970 earthquake.

Source: Prensa latina