The US administration is investing heavily in its propaganda and regime change plans against Cuba

U.S. officials announced plans to spend up to $3 million for a “development program” aimed at “exposing exploitation” of Cuban laborers, including hotel employees, sex workers and others who are ostensibly part of the country’s hospitality and tourism industry.
The U.S. Agency for International Development will award as many as three grants worth $500,000 to $1.5 million each for the three-year program. The application deadline is Sept. 2.
The agency says it will offer the grants as part of an expansion of its support for “nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), legal networks and journalist organizations that further examine the unfair exploitation of Cuban laborers, including sex workers, and the realities under which they live.”
USAID normally requires the recipients of development grants to display agency branding, but officials are waiving that requirement to try to ensure that program workers operate undetected in Cuba.
Cuban law bans USAID programs on the island and objects to U.S. government interference in the country’s internal affairs. USAID’s description of the program is here:

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Helen Yaffe Lecturer Econ & Soc History, Uni of Glasgow (Latin American & Cuban development).
Author: We Are Cuba! How a revolutionary people survived in post-Soviet world
explained on Twitter the goal of this new programme by USAID.

The US administration is investing heavily in its propaganda and regime change plans against Cuba. That the pretext of concern for “exploited” Cubans is hypocritical is so obvious it’s almost not worth stating.

This new programme by USAID has (USD) $3 million for so-called “contractors” (aka mercenaries) to the develop “programmes” aimed at “exposing exploitation” of Cuban laborers…

Helen Yaffe

This is how fake news is funded. Invent a pro imperial narrative, exploit a couple of local mercenaries who become addicted to the foreign income and then squeeze them to come up with ever more desperate false reports that imperial media assets flash around the globe as breaking news. Its an industry. It works. That’s why it must be stamped out. And it will be stamped out by the Cuban authorities. The mercenaries always end up in jail, like Alan Cross. Deservedly so.

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