The tragic numbers of healthcare personnel in the world killed by COVID-19; none is Cuban

Health personnel are one of the most likely to get COVID-19 due to their exposure in relation to patients.

Some recent figures reveal the magnitude of contagion among health personnel:

  • The Spanish Ministry of Health  announced on 29 May that that of the 238,000 confirmed cases COVID-19 in their territory, 51.482 correspond to health, ie 21.5% of the total
  • In Brazil , the second most positive country in the world, there are 31,790 healthcare professionals who have been infected
  • The last report revealed by the Mexican department of Health (Secretaria de Salud Federal), issued on May 19, the healthcare personnel accounted for 11,394 confirmed cases . At that time, the number of infected healthcare personnel corresponded to a fifth (20.9%) of the total number of infected patients accounted for (54 thousand 346)
  • In Italy , the last report found dates from May 15. The information provided by their Health Institution reported a total of 25 thousand 937 infected healthcare workers . This figure represents 11.6% of the total cases registered in the country.
  • The most recent information published in Chile indicates that until April 15, 9% of the 8,273 infected in the country belonged to healthcare workers, that is, 743 people .
  • Russia is the third country most affected by the pandemic globally, with 387,623 contagions accounted for. Of these, around 10 thousand have been among healthcare personnel.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United Kingdom  reported on May 28 that about 60 thousand health workers have been sickened by COVID-19 . In total, the number of contagion among North American health personnel represents 17% of the total cases registered in their territory.
Personal de salud en un hospital en Nueva York. Foto: AFP.

But beyond those infected, the painful figure is that of healthcare personnel who have died fulfilling their mission to confront this deadly disease. Some statistics illustrate the tragedy:

  • The CDC of the United States puts at about 300 healthcare workers who have died from the infection with COVID-19.
  • A report by El Heraldo de Mexico reported that in Brazil the death of 256 healthcare workers -113 doctors and 143 nursing personnel- has been recorded , leaving a case fatality rate of 0.8 in the union. However, The Guardian indicates that 157 Brazilian nurses have died since the first confirmed death of COVID-19 in the country in mid-March. According to the International Council of Nurses (ICN), that means that more nurses have died in Brazil than anywhere else in the world, including other locations coronavirus critics like the U.S, where at least 146 have died, and the United Kingdom, where the number is at least 77.
  • In Italy , their Health Institution notified 163 dead doctors and 40 male and female nurses by May 15.
  • The last report revealed by the Federal Secretary of Health of Mexico, issued on May 19, healthcare personnel accounted for 149 deaths.
    Among the unfortunate deaths are 82 doctors, 24 nurses, 38 general healthcare personnel, two laboratory workers and 3 dentists.
  • In Russia , the country’s government revealed in late May that 101 doctors have officially died of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • In Spain , the number of deaths among healthcare personnel is 63, according to their Ministry of Health.

Cuba has not updated its number of infected health personnel. The most recent known is the number of more than one hundred infected in Havana. But fortunately, to this day, not a single health worker in Cuba has died as a result of COVID-19.

source: Cubadebate