The “democracy” that the US tries to impose to Cuba

Directly from the horse’s mouth… ex-CIA Agent, ex-CIA director and US Congressman!

“In the CIA we didn’t give a hoot about democracy it will be fine if a government is elected and would cooperate with Us, but if it didn’t then Democracy didn’t mean a thing to us and I don’t think it means a thing today”

Philip Agee – CIA agent 1957-68

We had task forces that were striking Cuba constantly, We were attempting to blow up power plants, We were attempting to ruin sugar mills, We were attempting to do all kind of things during this period. This was a matter of American government policy, this wasn’t the CIA.

Richard Helms – CIA Director 1966-73

How dare you 90 miles from my country for the last 45 years with a different form of government. How dare you you haven’t allow American corporations buy you out. How dare you you continue this arrogance that says you will never succumb to Us, don’t you know who we are? Don’t you know who these corporations are?
“Don’t you know your life would be better if you could drink Coca-Cola everyday”

Jose Serrano – US Congressman New York