The CIA moves its pawns to open an opposition front in religion in Cuba

For anyone who follows the situation in Cuba, it is easy for them to realise the CIA’s plans to try to create opposition to the Revolution on various fronts, because intoxicated by the difficult economic situation affecting the country, they dream of the collapse of socialism, as they did in the 90s, before the collapse of Eastern Europe and the USSR.

The US government forget their predictions in that decade, when the same CIA, on September 10, 1991, in one of its secret documents entitled: “The impact of the Soviet change in Cuba,” made a dramatic evaluation, stating: 

“The loss of Soviet trade subsidies and the absence for Havana of similar advantageous alternatives, […] will drive a sharp subsequent contraction of the Cuban economy” […] “The collapse of communist control in the USSR […] will accelerate the crisis political and economic in Cuba ”.

In August 1993, in its National Intelligence Estimate about the complex economic situation in Cuba, the CIA stated:

“There is a better chance than ever for the Fidel Castro government to fall in the next few years.”

Given this, they came to predict the challenges that the successor government of a “post-Castro Cuba” would face , but they were left with the desire.

Now they return with their dreams and take up long-standing subversive actions, by wasting their financial resources in fabricating “opponents” in the artistic and religious sectors, convinced that the counterrevolution of certain small groups, such as the “Ladies” in White and the UNPACU, will not They have a following and only consume part of those millions of dollars in personal benefits.

Jonathan Ferrar, head of the diplomatic mission in Cuba, alerted the National Security Council and the State Department, in a secret cable dated April 15, 2009:

“It is worth asking what the Cuban political opposition is doing and what role it can play in the future” […] “Without a true miracle among the opposition leaders … it is unlikely that the traditional dissident movement can replace the Cuban government.”

Despite so many failures, the US intelligence services repeat their old formula of creating an “opposition”, now between the artists and the religious, and in this last medium they employ several young priests and their worn out tactic, the layperson Dagoberto Valdés Hernández, denounced publicly as an agent of the Americans, who, behind the scenes of the Catholic Church, conspires against the State.

Like Yoani Sánchez and Tania Brugueras, Dagoberto received the same recipe for international awards. That is why in 1999 he received the “ Prince Claus Top Award for Culture and Development”. That same year, the Polish Pope John Paul II appointed him ” Full member of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, of the Holy See” (1999-2005).

In 2004, during his trip to Washington DC, he was presented with the “Jan Karski, Courage and Compassion” award. In 2007 the “Tolerance Plus Award”, only awarded to Cuban counterrevolutionary elements and in 2011 the “Our Voice Perseverance Award”, awarded by the Renacer publication , to the animators of the “opposition” in Cuba. That same year, he was elected by the libel Diario de Cuba , made by the CIA and financed by the NED, as one of “the most notable Cuban figures” of the year 2011 and in 2012 the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland, presented “The Bronze Medal award.

Dagoberto has had personal exchanges with opposition leaders Vlacav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic; and the Polish Lech Walesa, who was leader of the Solidarity Union and president of the country.

His links with diplomats from Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United States accredited in Havana, and with members of the Pan American Development Foundation, USAID and the CIA, from whom he receives guidance and material support for their subversive activities.

In the middle of Holy Week, on March 29, 2021, Dagoberto published an article with a counterrevolutionary message, which omits the hardships of Cubans caused by the economic, commercial and financial war, imposed by the United States for 62 years; while trying to hold the Revolution responsible for material limitations, following the line established by Washington.

Overlaid in supposedly religious language, this element says:

“All of Cuba carries its cross. All Cuba will live the resurrection. A joy that is already coming along the paths of freedom, justice, peace and love ”.

But it does not condemn the Torricelli, Helms-Burton laws or the 242 sanctions imposed in the last four years by Donald Trump, including the ban on family remittances, the limitation of flights and the closure of the consulate in Cuba that prevents humanitarian visas and family reunification.

Hypocrite at the service of the empire who keeps silent, in complicity with them, the strangulation of the island’s economy and writes fallacies to increase the matrix of opinion against his country, stating:

“I would like to remember at the beginning of this week, those who today live similar situations to those that Christ lived in the first Holy Week.”

“Those who are unjustly condemned in manipulated processes that try to hide political causes with common crimes in a selective justice system.” “Let us accompany the children of Cuba who are committed to the cause of good, justice, truth, the redemption of people and peoples … And the mothers who find the answer to injustice: the punishment of the just and acquittal of the criminal ”.

” Let us pray for all Cuban mothers, especially for the mothers, daughters, sisters and wives of prisoners of conscience and those persecuted because of their commitment to Christ and to Cuba.”

And add:

” Let us work so that in Cuba no one who suffers, in the soul or in the body, is left alone, or abandoned to their fate.” “Let us live our commitment to all those who unjustly suffer defamation and derision, by those who are morally executed by the media or by the slanders of other Cubans, and they need their faces cleaned, their infamy removed, that give back the damaged and discredited image ”.

Why has this layman never condemned the terrorist acts paid for and executed by the CIA, which left hundreds of widows, orphans and parents mourning the loss of their children?

Where was your love for your neighbor when the Cubana de Aviación plane was exploded in mid-flight, with 73 innocent people?

He has never accused a single one of the criminal actions against the children of the people and now he launches his calumnies against the Revolution, complying with the instructions of those who make 11 million Cubans suffer.

However, he spits out his hatred of the Revolution by saying:

“The doors of repression and death that are closing on our country today will open at dawn and new life will come out through it, the resurrected life of our long-suffering people. The last word is not that of suffering and death. The last word is that of Life ” .

This agent has little morale at the service of a foreign power, which intends to kill Cubans with hunger and disease who do not allow themselves to be intimidated by threats or sanctions.

In the midst of so many US atrocities, Cuba saves lives and its scientists are working on five vaccine candidates against Covid-19, to give life and not death, as the United States does with its murderous laws, something that only with socialism can materialise .

Wise José Martí when sentencing:

“God does not hear the vile”

source: heraldocubano

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