The U.S dictatorship

Although the United States proclaims that they are the “perfect democracy”, they are really a total dictatorship that does not allow different political ideas, they viciously persecute those who disobey their orders, they silence journalists and people who express opinions in favor of the poor, black , Latinos, women and all those who have criteria not related to capitalism, or dare to demonstrate it publicly.

Examples are many.

If a person is a member of the communist party, they are classified as dangerous and even denied a visa or legal residence in the United States, showing that they do not tolerate freedom of thought.

The same goes for freedom of expression. Journalists who denounce their abuses, interference in the affairs of other countries and people, are persecuted as is the case with Julian Assange, harassed viciously for having opened the eyes of the world, by publishing official government cables, where political atrocities are verified that the U.S commit.

Human rights are not respected, proven in secret and public prisons, such as those in Iraq, Poland, Romania and at the Naval Base located in Guantánamo, where physical and mental torture carried out by the CIA are unusual in the modern era.

The U.S dictatorship is so severe that those who intend to trade freely with others and in business may be left outside the United States, they are immediately sanctioned with fines and / or strong restrictions are established in commercial activities, because or they accept what they say, or they will regret the consequences.

A vivid example is the new Russian-German gas pipeline, which will be beneficial for both countries, but the United States will not receive profits and, therefore, has blackmailed by sanctioning dozens of European companies to withdraw from that construction, proof of what the U.S dictatorship is capable of.

The discriminatory treatment of black Americans has a long and sad history, as they are treated as 2nd category citizens, they are not called North Americans, but African Americans, a qualification so that they do not forget that they are from Africa and not from the United States, a criterion that President Quince Adams imposed when he bought a piece of land on that continent and deported hundreds of thousands of blacks, because he did not want them in America.

The opportunities for work, salary, studies and citizen participation have been obtained with a lot bloodshed including the murder of black leaders to prevent them from leading opposition movements, as happened with Martin Luther King and others who have served years in prison, including Angela Davis.

If that is not dictatorial behaviour, what qualification does it have?

The list of coups d’état in countries with rulers who do not follow the orders of the United States is extensive, as are the assassinations and plans against rulers who defend the sovereignty of their nations. Only against Fidel Castro they forged more than a hundred assassination plots, a fact that exceeds the performance of Adolf Hitler, including the ways to execute them, with poisons created in CIA laboratories.

Cuba is the victim of thousands of terrorist actions, mercenary invasions, economic and financial war, coupled with biological warfare to affect its flora, fauna and human beings, genocidal crimes that expose the condition of dictatorship of the United States, which also shelters terrorists. and assassins at your command.

The U.S dictatorship feels that it owns the world, with military bases on all continents to threaten the countries that oppose its tyranny.  

Similar to Hitler, they invade and steal the wealth of others, without the attacked having the right to defend themselves and claim damages.

The crimes committed against the peoples of Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos, who suffered incalculable damage only because the U.S dictators wanted to seize their territories, are still remembered. For those responsible for so many deaths, there was no court like the one that tried and convicted the German military, despite causing many more deaths and collateral damage to the population.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria have been invaded by U.S troops, with the deliberate purpose of stealing their natural resources, fabricating false pretexts for their dirty wars.

Venezuela has sufficient legal evidence for the United States to be convicted of its criminal acts, which, as they do against Cuba, seek to kill its population with hunger and disease, just for having committed the contempt of not submitting to its orders. Their bank accounts are stolen, the gold deposited in frozen foreign banks, properties are plundered in U.S territory and the U.S support a puppet who proclaimed himself president, without popular elections, the greatest violation of the so-called “representative democracy”, so vaunted by the U.S.

The psychological wars developed against those who refuse to subordinate themselves to them are evidence of their dictatorship imposed on those who wish to be independent.

The theft of information through the Internet and its mechanisms of Facebook, Instagram, Twists and others, authenticate the dictatorship to which they subject billions of people, by using their personal data at will, characterizing the tastes and preferences of users , family and friends.

In the 1950s of the last century, the director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, stated:

“Thanks to its diversified propaganda system, the United States must impose its vision, lifestyle and particular interests on the rest of the world, in an international context where our large transnational corporations will always count on the immediate deployment of the armed forces, in any area, without the natural right to defend itself assisting any of the attacked countries ”.

Reaffirmation of the ideological bases of their dictatorship, increased and globalised after the 90s, with the dismemberment of European socialism and the USSR.

The U.S dictators do not stop at anything that hinders their political monopoly, hence the military coups in nations that take a different path from the one outlined by Washington. To do this, they manufacture media campaigns to frighten people with the ghost of communism, demonising the socialist system as the worst, hiding the truth from public opinion of its benefits, many of them sabotaged by their covert action plans. 

Their dictatorship is so bloody that they even prevent food and health in the countries that face them, as they do to Cuba, in a murderous plan that they have carried out for 60 years, reflected in a report written in 1960, by one of the deputy secretaries of the State Department, where he stated:

Any conceivable means to weaken the economic life of Cuba must be used promptly; denying money and supplies to lower real and monetary wages, in order to cause hunger, despair and the overthrow of the government.

The Pike Committee, of the US House of Representatives, was torpedoed by endangering the dictatorship, when it announced that it would investigate 10 years of covert actions of the CIA, in particular its intervention in the Italian elections of 1972, the covert aid to the Kurds in Iraq between 1972-1975 and the secret participation of the CIA in the events in Angola in that last year.

The U.S dictatorship has no brakes, it goes against everything. That is why José Martí alerted us:

“There is much to fear from that northern people and much that seems virtue is not.”

source: heraldocubano