One more project to suffocate Cuba

Three US senators, who are obsessed with making Cuba starve, have just presented a bill that aims to punish those countries that accept the island’s medical collaboration

Receipt to Cuban doctors from Ecuador at terminal No. 3 of the José Martí airport, received by José Angel Portuondo, Minister of Public Health;  Ana Yansi Rodríguez Camejo, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, developed at the José Martí airport, Boyeros
“Others will spread vices, or disguise them: we like to spread virtues”, The Cuban soul Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant

Any one of the 3, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rick Scott, have broadly endorsed the service of the worst policy against Cuba, and it is ruled out that anyone is interested in how many people were saved or helped by Cuban doctors.

The project establishes that the State Department publishes the list of countries that have contracts with the government of Cuba for its medical missions program, and requires that they be considered by the body as a factor in the classification of such nations in the report on Trafficking. of people.

The misery of these politicians seems to have no limits. Neither in the current situation, which the medical service demands the most, wherever it comes from, do they stop attacking a cooperation that has saved millions of lives and contributes to the development of human resources training programs in countries where their lack is reflected in low health rates, high numbers of illnesses and consequent lethality.

The aforementioned “gentlemen” know well – but they are not interested – what is happening today in places where ours are no longer, such as Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador, which, under pressure from the United States, interrupted medical collaboration, leaving them devoid of health and hope to the inhabitants of intricate places.

Too much time occupies the aberration of sanctioning nations that receive Cuban doctors with gratitude, as if to stop for a single moment in the causes that make the richest country in the world the global epicenter of the pandemic.

Source: Granma