Cuba urges to save human rights’ system from discredit

Cuba urged here on Thursday to assume solidarity, dialogue and cooperation to save the human rights’ system from selective and politicized approaches, which threaten to sink it into discredit.
‘The human rights’ system is in a deep financial crisis, let us also prevent it from falling into an insurmountable crisis of legitimacy and credibility,’ assured Cuba’s diplomat Lisandra Astiasaran in a debate at the UN Human Rights Council, which met on Thursday the ninth day of its 45th session.

According to Astiasaran, the threat comes from positions that promote artificial ties with the security pillar and interventionist agendas, outside the mandate, authority and status of the 47 member States of that entity.

Some countries encourage solidarity, but others increase unilateral coercive measures, aggressions and threats of all kinds, which constitute flagrant violations of the human rights of entire peoples, she noted.

The diplomat also rejected that while some defend the human rights’ system as a genuine space for dialogue and cooperation; others use it at their convenience as a political weapon against third parties, even to openly boost destabilization and regime change.

The Cuban representative warned that the issue of religious freedom is one of those used as a pretext to attack sovereign countries and bolster the violation of national laws.

Source: Prensa Latina