Cuba recalls sabotage against kindergarten in Havana

Cuba recalled this Friday the 40th anniversary of the sabotage perpetrated by the counterrevolution in the Le Van Tam kindergarten in the Marianao municipality of this capital, where 570 children were at the time of the fire.
The rapid intervention of students, the people and the firefighters prevented a tragedy from occurring on that May 8, 1980, the Granma daily recalled on Friday.

In addition to the 570 children, in the kindergarten at that time were many of the 156 employees and assistants who worked there.

Local residents, witnesses to the incident, remember the presence of former President Fidel Castro, who was constantly asking about the state of the children as the evacuation progressed.

Experts from the Interior Ministry studied the scene and concluded that the fire was intentional. The attack was described as an action of State terrorism carried out by enemies of the Revolution and sponsored by the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Source: Prensa Latina