Cuban Immunoassay Center achieves diagnostic system for Covid-19 in record time

The Immunoassay Center (CIE) of Cuba achieved in record time the assembly of an ELISA diagnostic system, based on SUMA technology, to detect antibodies generated by the new SarsCov-2 coronavirus in the human body.

As detailed by a statement by the Business Group of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries of Cuba (BioCubaFarma) in its Facebook profile, the diagnostic system will allow to test a greater number of people, which has a very positive impact on the country’s attempts to carry out as many tests as possible each day.

COVID-19 disease will not be controlled until there is an effective vaccine and this could take time to arrive according to the World Health Organization, which is why timely diagnosis becomes a strength for the control of this disease, he stresses.

On its profile on the social network Twitter, the CIE published: “We’re already fulfilling! So many hours of work from a group of professional consecrated persons was not in vain. The applause will be the recognition of the people who can be proud of these children. Congratulations BRAVE!”

They also added, “We were born and raised with #Fidel and we are children of this heroic people.”

Scientific centers such as the Center for Neurosciences of Cuba, the Finlay Institute and the Center for Molecular Immunology have already been quick to congratulate these researchers, for the efficiency and subsequent impact that this work will have.

source: Juventud Rebelde