Blockade in court

A crime against human and international law that has gone unpunished for more than 60 years will finally come before an international court in Brussels on Thursday. The two-day tribunal in the Belgian capital is about the longest and most extensive economic, trade and financial blockade ever imposed against a people.

Why the U.S. Democracy Is Not Effective

The word ineffective that I used is about the gentlest that can be used in describing how problematic the U.S. democracy is. Others use far stronger terms in reference to the American supposedly liberal democracy such as ‘broken’, ‘cracking’ or ‘failed’. Anyone may confirm it reviewing publications and opinions expressed by people, American citizens inclusive. Perhaps, to make what I have just written more tangible let me refer you to an October 2022 Quinnipiac University poll. In line with its findings 69% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans thought the nation’s democracy was on the brink of collapse. And the figure for independents was 66%.

Cuba Denounces Genocide in Palestine

A powerful denunciation was made from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), against the genocide perpetrated by the Zionist army of Israel in the Gaza Strip today in Havana.

International Tribunal on the Blockade of Cuba in Brussels Belgium, November 16-17

For more than six decades, the Cuban people have been facing a genocidal blockade that violates their fundamental rights to life, health, food, education and culture, among others. It also hinders the Cuban government’s continuous efforts to eradicate inequalities and achieve greater social justice, objectives endorsed in the Constitution adopted in 2019.

Cuba Marks 155 Years since the Beginning of the Struggle for Independence

Every October 10th is a reason for national pride. On that day in 1868, 155 years ago, Cubans began the struggle for the independence of the island, then known as the “most precious jewel of the Spanish crown,” which lived under a humiliating submission amid an unstoppable process of love for the homeland. The first light of day and the chiming bells of La Demajagua sugar mill were the beginning of a sole, continuous process, which started with the Father of the Homeland, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, and concluded with the victory of the “Barbudos” on January 1st, 1959.

People’s movements in the US demand end to blockade against Cuba

On Friday, September 22, dozens of citizens belonging to different people’s movements marched in New York City demanding an end to the US imposed blockade against Cuba. They also demanded that president Joe Biden take Cuba off the state sponsors of terrorism list, stating that it is not Cuba which has the largest military budget in the world. Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel also joined the rally and chanted along with the people, “Cuba, yes! Blockade, no!