Cuba reaffirms socialism while it reckons with its private sector

Amid the challenges of a global economy marked by crisis, Cuba strives to maintain its socialist project, meet the needs of its people, and assert its independence. Despite facing the longest embargo in modern history, the nation has made significant strides in public education, health care, and sustainable development, outperforming many advanced economies. The future may be fraught with challenges, but Cuba’s dedication to its people and its independent path shines as a beacon of hope in a world still unable to answer the many dilemmas of humanity. Indeed, that is why Fidel Castro’s daring mission at the Moncada Barracks 70 years ago continues to have such a hold on the Cuban imagination. Despite the temporary setbacks, Cubans survive and live to fight the next battle.

Freedom Archives on the 70th Anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada

It happened 70 years ago on July 26, 1953—the attack on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago, Cuba. At the time, it may not have seemed of great historical import, but in the light of hindsight, it sparked the process that led to the Cuban Revolution—and that changed the world!

UN forcefully hits at US blockade of Cuba and prison in Gitmo

Nothing on the horizon now threatens the end of the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba. Critical voices inside the United States and beyond fall flat; nothing is in the works, it seems. Recently, however, the United Nations put forth a denunciation that carries unusual force, mainly because of the UN’s legal authority and its practical experience in Cuba.

Cuba: Everywhere We are Standing Firmly

”By now, we know full well that hatred is a current, that it is contagious, that it is addictive and something one can die from. In their efforts to make the world hate Cuba and its sovereignty, we must reflect. Have they succeeded? Evidently not. When someone is guilty of a crime, they are usually afraid of being found out. They lie to cover up that fear and continue projecting the image of being powerful. Although, if we delve into this cowardice, more than being discovered in their sins, what frightens them is that it is known what really happens in this archipelago. How, in spite of the material needs that they themselves generate, blaming the Cuban government left and right, this country is moving forward with resistance and has never fallen”

Cuba Floods: Six Dead as Heavy Rain Hits the Island

Heavy rains are leaving a desolate panorama in eastern Cuba. Entire communities are buried under thick mud and water due to the torrential and prolonged rains that have been lashing the country for the past weeks.

Guantanamo Prisoner’s Graphic Details of U.S. Torture

A report published this week featuring previously unreleased drawings by Abu Zubaydah — a 52-year-old Saudi who has been imprisoned by the United States for more than 20 years at C.I.A. “black sites” and Guantánamo Bay — offers new insight into torture suffered by a man caught up in a case of mistaken identity.