Against Cuba the war is total.

Given the failure of the economic, commercial and financial war policy imposed by the United States 63 years ago, which, despite making life very difficult for the Cuban people, has not been able to dismantle the socialist system or disenchant its inhabitants, now the U.S. are fully launched against tourism, for being the main source of income, and more recently they have started a war on cultural events and against artists, to prevent the real Cuba from being known on the ground and not the one made with the millionaire financing for communication campaigns that lie about reality.

Since last year, strong pressure has been exerted against artists and intellectuals who intend to visit the Pearl of the Antilles, threatening them with rescinding contracts for performances in Miami and against record companies.

Many Cuban artists suffered from this policy by being deprived of their visas and the cancellation of concerts in the United States for not making statements against the Revolution, but that was not enough for the Cuban mafia based in Miami and they expanded the war against international artists.

The Havana Biennial is one of those victims, with the campaign and pressure that CIA agent Tania Brugueras developed from Miami, in order to prevent its success, also influencing important musicians so that they would not attend the famous Festival of Havana Jazz, but it didn’t work out for him.

The most recent action is to derail the next San Remo Music Awards Fest to be held in Cuba, with the participation of Cuban and foreign artists, blackmailing those who agree to participate with the threat of closing contracts in the United States and other European countries.

As a result of this line of enemy action and the media war waged by social networks, financed with U.S. federal funds, the singers of the Spanish flamenco pop music duo Andy & Lucas, Álex Ubago, the also Spanish Carlos Torres, as well as the Mexican Kalimba, canceled their participation in the San Remo Music Awards Fest in Havana, under the argument of their “rejection of military dictatorships, their support for freedom, not supporting a regime that puts children in prison, and starves their people. ”,  Statements that evidently followed a script drawn up from the United States, due to their similar lines of message, in fear of losing the contract for upcoming concerts in the city of Miami.

Some artists from the Island, invited to perform as part of the Festival program, including Cuban singer-songwriter Raúl Paz and rapper Tel Mari, declined to participate, saying they did not know they were on the program and no one had contacted them.

Raúl Paz has announced a concert on February 11 at the Real Café Miami and Tel Mari is a resident of Canada where he works regularly, which may be the real reason for not losing those markets, after the influencer Alexander Otaola deployed a crusade to attack to the artists who participate in the Festival. Two years ago he lashed out at the Cuban singer Haila María Pompié, so that they cancel her US visa and close the contracts to perform in Miami.

A similar campaign of attacks was carried out against the duo Gente de Zona and the singer Decemer Bueno, for their performances in Havana, forcing them to make statements against the Revolution or they would lose their chance to work in Miami, given the support that Otaola has from politicians who are members of the anti-Cuban terrorist mob in Florida.

There is no doubt, they twisted their arms and that is why now they refuse to perform at said Festival, because they depend on the Miami market for their performances and the marketing of their records, selling their souls to those who support terrorist actions against Cuba and intend to kill hunger and disease to the Cuban people through the economic, commercial and financial blockade, repudiated by almost the entire world.

How do these artists agree to sing in Miami, the capital of the terrorist mafia, which is home to notorious murderers of innocent people in Cuba and Latin America?

Don’t you know that the United States is the country that has the most children incarcerated for life?

They do not want to work for the Cuban people, however, they act in that country where in 1953 Joe Ligon, as a child, was sentenced to two life sentences and interned in an adult prison for 68 years. In addition, they agree to sing in the United States, a country that for 43 years has imprisoned Leonard Pelitier, a native Sioux Indian from the United States, in a Florida jail, sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, for two crimes that could never be proven, being today the oldest prisoner of conscience in America, according to Amnesty International.

In U.S. prisons there are 79 minors sentenced to life imprisonment, something that Otaola and the media that unfairly attack Cuba to demonise it do not mention.

Where did those who will act in the country that murder black citizens, just because of the colour of their skin, leave their conscience, such as the case of George Floyd, in Minneapolis, May 2020 and Breonna Taylor, who was shot by the police in Kentucky, while they entered his home, without first knocking on the door, among many other citizens who have lost their lives due to the brutal repression of the U.S. police?

Why don’t they make statements against the police action in Minneapolis, which during the early hours of February 2, 2022, without a search warrant, violently raided the apartment of a black man, shooting him dead when he came out of his bedroom with a gun in his hand? hand, by presuming that they were thieves?

Don’t the Spanish, Mexican and Cuban singers so concerned about the situation in Cuba know that on October 8, 2021, the California Highway Patrol shot dead the young Leonel Chávez, of Latin origin, who was unarmed and cooperated with those agents when they stopped your car?

Will they sing in the United States despite the fact that the U.S. police in Dayton, Ohio, last October 2021, violently dragged a paraplegic black man out of his car during a traffic control?

They should know that this fact has been reported to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP, for its acronym in English) after a video showed the policemen pulling him out of his car by his hair and arms in an brutal.

There is nothing better than one day after another. Life will be in charge of showing them the truth and dignity of a people, who suffer sanctions for not selling out to the U.S..

Wise José Martí when stating:

“Some are sold and many are venal; but with a snort of honour you can push back those who, due to herd habits or the appetite for lentils, leave the ranks as soon as they hear the whip that summons them.”

source: heraldocubano