Different Standards: Prosecuted in the UK, Protected in the USA

According to the London Times: A trainee accountant who made a joke bomb threat on Twitter after his local airport was closed by heavy snow was found guilty yesterday of sending a menacing electronic message. Paul Chambers, who used the social networking website to express frustration at the potential disruption of romantic travel plans, becomes the first person in Britain convicted of posting an offensive tweet. Chambers, 26, of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, told his 600 Twitter followers: “Crap! Robin Hood Airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!” … Chambers, who lost his job as a company finance supervisor after his arrest and prosecution, said that it never crossed his mind that anyone would take the message seriously… Chambers was arrested under the Terrorism Act, and questioned by detectives for almost seven hours. His mobile phone, laptop and home computers were confiscated.

It seems like there are different standards for people advocating terrorism: in the UK they get prosecuted, in the USA they get state protection.

If Cuba were to jail every person that threatened to explode a bomb in a hotel or airport they would have to jail a good proportion of the population of Miami, if they could get the US to extradite them.

Cuba might even settle for the Obama regime agreeing to stop encouraging them by protecting them from prosecution and by directly funding the TV and Radio stations, blogs, tweets and websites on which such incendiary opinions are expressed. $25 million this year alone is approved by the US Congress for anti-Cuban propaganda and other hate crimes against Cuba. Advocating terrorism is especially welcomed.

Plant a bomb on a Cuban airliner and boast about it on TV and in the New York Times, as Luis Posada Carriles has done, and the US government grants you asylum and a pension. It even ignores extradition requests from governments whose citizens happened to be travelling on the Cubana plane. All 73 passengers and crew perished in the bombing.

“Harbouring terrorists ‘r US”?