Cuban doctors treat the most serious Covid-19 cases in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, jul 12 health professionals have been helping to fight Covid-19 in Haiti since April, and so far they have attended some of the most complex cases of the disease that plagues the country today.
The twenty specialists of the Henry Reeve brigade work in the main treatment center of the national public health system, located in the central avenue of Delmas in the capital.

‘Possibly the most complex morbidities handled are assumed by Cuban health professionals, taking into account the confidence that the Haitian people have in our work,’ Elizabeth Segura, vice coordinator of the Medical Brigade, told Prensa Latina.

Among the most common morbidities treated by the doctors are hypertension and diabetes, ailments suffered by some 2,350,000 Haitians.

Segura estimated that so far they obtained good results with the treatment, together with the country’s professionals and following the protocols established by the national health ministry.

Haiti has recorded 6,690 Covid-19 cases and 139 deaths, mainly in Port-au-Prince, which accounts for more than 74 percent of the confirmed cases and almost half of the deaths.

Next December, the Cuban Medical Brigade will celebrate 22 years of presence in Haiti. After earthquakes, hurricanes and a cholera epidemic, they now face the Covid-19 pandemic with encouraging results and the same commitment made two decades ago.

Source: Prensa Latina