Instructions on how to sign the petition to the US government on behalf of the Miami Five

To sign the petition you have to first create an account on the Whitehouse website (its a lot easier than it sounds, honestly). Go into this link for the petition:

Click on the blue rectangle where it says “Create Account”. A form opens where you input your e-mail address, name, last name.
Then some gibberish comes up to make sure you are a person: just fill it in.

Now click where it says “Create Account”, another blue square.

The screen comes back to the original petition form, and a yellow banner advises you to check your email to complete the registration process.

In a few minutes you’ll receive the e-mail from the White House site to confirm that it was you who asked to open the account.

Just click on the first link in the email to confirm your account details.
(If the link comes in black text – see below)*

Go back to the petition again with the link:
click on the blue square where it reads “Sign In”.

Now click on the yellow square where it says “Sign Petition”

Once the system accepts your signature the count meter will increase by one.

*In the email sent to you by the Whitehouse, if the first link comes in black text your security settings prevent direct access. In this case, copy the user name and password details given and login them into your account manually on the Whitehouse website via this link: Then continue on to sign the petition.