Update on the fund raising appeal

Together, we walk as one community in support of the 11 million Cubans living under the U.S blockade. Learn More

The #WalkingForCuba global campaign have so far raised and donated €7000 to fund the acquisition of medicines and materials for the people of Cuba in it’s struggle with Covid-19.

The vast majority of these funds have been transferred to a prestigious European NGO MediCuba-Europa that has long years of collaboration with Cuba in health matters. In a special way MediCuba-Europa have provided formidable help in this period of economic restrictions and criminal sanctions in order to acquire medicines and equipment to save the lives of Cubans. The donations have contributed to the acquisition of syringes to carry out the mass immunisation campaign with the Cuban made vaccines Abdala and Soberana, as well as the purchase of antibiotics such as Vancomycin, Ceftriaxone and Cefazolin.

The donation collection campaign will continue to purchase raw materials necessary for the production of medicines by the Cuban pharmaceutical industry, limited in its access to the international market due to the effects of the economic blockade.

Medicuba-Europa are still looking for other medicines, including low molecular weight heparin, a medicine used to treat Covid19. The Ministry of Health has also requested Medicuba-Europa, as a priority, Atracurmium, a medicine needed during surgical procedures carried out under anaesthesia.

Thank you very much for your donation and helping Cuba. You as a donor have done a great act of solidarity for the Cuban people.

Pictures of the departing packages