The World Condemns the US Blockade Against Cuba

The United Nations resolution against the blockade was approved with 184 votes in favor, 2 votes against, and 3 abstentions.

On Wednesday, Cuba achieved a resounding diplomatic victory when the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) voted against the U.S. blockade that affects the Cuban people since 1962.

The resolution entitled “The need to end the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba” was approved with 184 votes in favor, 2 votes against, and 3 abstentions.

Similar to what they have always done, the United States and Israel voted against the right to development of the Cuban people. The three abstentions corresponded to Colombia, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates.

During the UNGA session, most of the speakers rejected the coercive measures that the United States maintains against the Cuban revolution. The harassment was increased during President Donald Trump’s administration (2017-2021).

Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez defined the UNGA decision as a great victory that demonstrates the triumph of justice and truth.

“Once again, from the United Nations, the world says NO to the US aggression and its failed policies against Cuba,” he tweeted.

Year after year since 1992, the United Nations General Assembly has backed the resolution against an arbitrary bloc that violates principles of international law. Despite this, the U.S. The government persists in its hostile attitude and continues to ignore the countries of the world.https

Source: TeleSur