The United States insists on destabilising Cuba

No matter 62 years of failures and millions of lost dollars, the sick obsession of the U.S. to destroy the Cuban Revolution persists, always with the illusion that the new generations can be influenced, by not having their needs met, hence Biden maintains intact the measures imposed by Donald Trump, to reinforce the economic, commercial and financial war.

Now, all the efforts of the CIA are aimed at provoking a social explosion, which triggers street protests similar to those in other countries, under the principles designed by Gene Sharp, of:

“Promote non-violent actions to generate and promote a climate of unrest in society, including spreading false rumors. Develop intense campaigns in defense of press freedom and human rights against the government. Active fight for political and social demands, so that people start demonstrations and protests that threaten state institutions ”.

This is how they managed to provoke the riots of July 11, 2021, after the failed trial that they organized with Tania Brugueras before the Ministry of Culture, on November 11, 2020. That is why now they call a new action of “peaceful” protests, the next 20 of November 2021, through the Cuban playwright Yúnior García Aguilera, with the backing of the Miami anti-Cuban terrorist mafia, which also dreams of achieving a national strike on the Island, with the support of the Cuban military, to join the people in the protests against the government, next October 10.

As much as they want to give a look of civil organization to the convocation of García Aguilera, the wolf’s paws are quickly visible, due to the coincidence of their plans with those exposed on September 24 at the headquarters of the defeated mercenary brigade in Bahía de Pigs, by Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, an old fox linked to the CIA and terrorism against Cuba, who told the press “the various actions that have occurred on the island after July 11”.

It is evident that the objectives are focused on provoking street acts and measuring forces, all with the media support of the international press that has not stopped spreading false and misrepresented information about those detained for the terrorist actions carried out in July, clearly exposed in the TV, including the launching of Molotov cocktails, attacks on the police and even the attempted assault on one of its stations.

These acts are classified in the United States as terrorism and strongly sanctioned, but in Cuba media manipulation transforms them into popular protests.

The plan with Yúnior is to mobilize young people, artists or not, in various provinces of the country, mainly in Havana, Villa Clara and Holguín, hiding behind the request for “respect for all the rights of Cubans, the release of political prisoners and the solution of differences through democratic and peaceful means ” .

Unlike other Western countries, including the United States, in Cuba the highest government leadership meets systematically with different sectors of society, where it dialogues respectfully about the problems that are present in the country.

Religious, artists and intellectuals, workers and scientists openly expose their views, doubts and disagreements, but that is not what the U.S. want. Its pretensions are to change the system, as its ideologues have been projecting for years, including those who work for the Brookings Institution and the Council on Foreign Relations, who decades ago designed scenarios to achieve a Transition in Cuba, of course towards the capitalism, coinciding with the well-known Bush Plan of 2004.

The Brookings Institution to achieve the objectives of the United States, established short, medium and long-term goals, including:

“Support human rights activists, independent journalists and the development of Cuban civil society, as well as grassroots democracy. Grant licenses for entities of the Cuban State, as well as those that do not depend on the State, so that they have access to satellites and broadband connection networks. Establish an assistance program for civil society and grant licenses for the transfer of funds for activities focused on human rights, the rule of law, micro-enterprises, and professional instruction ”.

They also contemplated other lines of work to dismantle the social:

“Encourage and finance a wide variety of educational exchanges and scholarships that promote understanding and provide training in various areas, such as art, economics, and journalism, as well as promoting participation in multilateral organizations that improve human rights and develop Cuban civil society ”.

These tasks have been carried out, but they are not enough to materialize their dreams, that is why they organize street demonstrations in parallel, in order to accelerate the process of raising awareness of a young mass, lacking patriotic and ethical values, so that they participate without fear in actions that ruin the internal order.

The U.S. knows that the vast majority of the Cuban people support socialism, because they know where the causes of their hardships lie, they see what happens in countries that have a capitalist economic system, where opportunities for young people are meagre, jobs are lacking, Health care is unequal, studying is a privilege of those with resources and hunger abounds, forcing hundreds of thousands of citizens to emigrate, fleeing savage capitalism.

Cuban men and women will always defend the sovereignty and independence achieved. The reality of Cuba is in its streets, not in the social networks manipulated with false news.

The Cuban authorities will not allow themselves to be provoked by plans designed from the United States, where the FBI could not stop the mob of supporters of Donald Trump, who initially stimulated by him and by social networks violently assaulted the Washington Capitol, because the protests “Peaceful” they only need someone to stimulate violence, so that the masses allow themselves to be guided by the herd mentality, as happened on July 11, an objective that the U.S. seek to create chaos and later create “humanitarian assistance”.

Why not help the peoples of Colombia and Chile who demand justice and peace, human rights, the release of their political prisoners and the solution of differences through democratic and peaceful means?

Not a single word of support for the repression against these protesters, since their governments are allies of the U.S. There are also no complaints or questions regarding the treatment of the more than 600 Americans detained during the assault on the Capitol, among which only 50 have pleaded guilty, according to official information from the Justice Department. And of the rest, what is known?

Cuba is a tough nut to crack and it will never hand over its flag to the U.S. because the die has been cast since 1959 on Patria o Muerte and as José Martí assured:

“In the Cubans there are a public mass that knows and adores freedom, speaks and writes it, reasons and accommodates what is true, and will defend it tooth and nail … because the Cubans, before giving up freedom, they will give up their life defending it.”

source: Heraldocubano