The CIA insists on promoting a Color Revolution in Cuba.

Since 1959 the CIA has worked to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, many have been its programs and covert operations to achieve it, but all failed, including its assassination plans and terrorist acts.

Now they intend to take advantage of the new information communication technologies to influence young people and that they launch to protest against the hardships, as if they did not know that the US laws to increase the economic and financial war are responsible.

In 1996, the RAND Corporation, of the United States National Defense Research Institute, prepared a study for the Department of Defense, entitled “Cuban telecommunications, computer networks and their implications for United States policy” , to ” help openness in Cuba and force the emergence of an independent civil society ”. 

Among its objectives were: “to encourage the connection of Cuba to the Internet, use it to transmit news and balanced analysis, promote its use in universities and other recipients.”

That is what they do today to fabricate “opponents” and distort the Cuban reality among the population, especially young people.

Then President William Clinton ordered USAID to initiate a program towards Cuba, which they called “Project Cuba.”

In March 2005 Roger Noriega, Undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, stated in a congressional hearing: “The United States relaxed the licensing requirements so that, for the first time, high-speed personal computers can be delivered to groups from the civil society in Cuba ”.

Subsequently, USAID distributed about 35 million dollars for subversive projects against Cuba, many of them linked to the issue of information technology and communications.

In May 2008, USAID discussed the need to distribute 45.7 million dollars, allocated by President George W. Bush for the subversion against Cuba, and the need to introduce cell phones, modern communication equipment, computers, and software on the island.

With that they began a wild race to attract Cuban youth and promote through the Internet, social disorders in the style of the so-called “Color Revolutions.”

In 2012, the Heritage Foundation and Google Ideas held an event, where they recommended to the US government the creation of a remote Wi-Fi network, to enable Cubans to access the Internet. Senator Marco Rubio, a participant, said: ” The Cuban totalitarian system could collapse, if all Cubans had free access to the Internet, as Cuba would follow the same fate as those countries that went through the Arab Spring.”

On June 13, 2013, the State Department announced several projects to promote “democracy and human rights” in Cuba, one of them with the use of digital tools “to be used selectively and safely by the Cuban civilian population. together with another initiative for the promotion of equality and defense of the social networks of black Cubans ”.

White House spokesman Jim Carney acknowledged: “Congress funds programs for democracy in Cuba, with the interest of helping to empower Cubans so that they can access more information and to strengthen society.”

The cyber war against Cuba has the approval of the White House, based on the concept indicated in the Transition Plan, designed under the presidency of George W. Bush, which states:

“Reaching the Cuban youth represents one of the most significant opportunities to hasten the end of the regime. This generation has the weakest link with the Revolution, their apathy and discontent are endemic. Continue isolating the Castro regime while supporting the democratic opposition and empowering the emerging civil society.

This objective was used by the CIA against European socialist countries, something that in the 1950s of the 20th century Allen Dulles, its director from 1953 to 1961, outlined when he stated:

“By sowing chaos in the Soviet Union, we will replace their values, without being perceived, by false ones and we will force them to believe in them. Our main bet will be the youth. We will corrupt it, we will demoralize it, we will pervert it. Thanks to its diversified propaganda system, the United States must impose its vision, lifestyle and particular interests on the rest of the world. “

These plans pursue the dream of provoking a popular rebellion in Cuba, led by the youth; That is why they direct the “dissidents” to provoke incidents in the public thoroughfare, as did the Ladies in White, José Daniel Ferrer in Santiago de Cuba and recently the so-called San Isidro Movement, but none have had popular support.

A presidential memorandum signed by Donald Trump on June 17, 2017, guides Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, ” organize a working group to examine the technological challenges and opportunities to expand Internet access on the island.”

Carl Meacham, member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in charge of Latin America in the political team, raised in 2011 the result of a study carried out which states:

“The State Department has trained journalists in several countries to increase their ability to quickly disseminate accurate information on important events and issues. Cuba is a unique case in the great project of North American foreign policy, our work team works to increase the basic computing and literacy skills of the Cuban people, as a means of empowering Cubans to carry out positive changes in their own society . “

That is the strategy they develop against the Cuban Revolution, following the principles elaborated by Gene Sharp, in conjunction with specialists from the CIA on subversive issues, distributed in five stages.

1st. Promote “non-violent” actions to generate and promote a climate of unrest in society, including reports of corruption, promotion of intrigues or spreading false rumors.

2nd. Carry out intense campaigns in “defense of press freedom and human rights”, accompanied by accusations of “totalitarianism” against the government in power.

3rd. Active struggle for “political and social demands”, manipulating the population to launch violent demonstrations and protests against state institutions.

4th. Operations of psychological warfare and destabilization of the government, to create a climate of ungovernability.

5th. Force the resignation of the incumbent president, through street riots to control the institutions, while maintaining pressure on the street. At the same time preparing the ground for a military intervention, while a prolonged civil war develops and the international isolation of the country is achieved.

That is what some “dissidents” aspire to, among them the provocateurs of the so-called San Isidro Movement, lacking ethical principles, but as José Martí assured:

“When there are men without decorum, there are always others who have in themselves the decorum of many men”

source: heraldocubano

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