Spanish Secretary of State for Ibero-America and the Caribbean lost his memory.

Juan Fernández, Spanish Secretary of State for Ibero-America and the Caribbean, former Spanish ambassador to Cuba between 2018 and 2020, shows a total loss of his memory, demonstrated in his “concern” expressed in Rome, for the right to demonstrate and his petition freedom for violators of the law, detained for their acts of vandalism during the riots of July 11, 2021.

He added that he opposes the Cuban government classifying as illegal the provocative march instructed from the United States for November 15.

It seems that Mr. Fernández does not remember that Cuba is no longer a colony of Spain, it is independent of them and since 1959 of the United States, and because of that loss the U.S. try, at all costs, to have it again under their clutches, and even Spain supported them when the CIA station was closed in 1961, due to the breakdown of diplomatic relations.

To refresh the memory of the Spanish Secretary of State, it is good to point out that according to statements by the Illegal CIA agent, John Maples Spiritto, the CIA gave the attention of some agents to the officer of the Intelligence Services of Spain, Jaime Capdevila García del Valle, accredited in Havana with the facade of a diplomat, who, through the diplomatic bag of his embassy, ​​transferred information obtained from his agents, supported by his secretary, the Spanish Carmen Jiménez Gómez.

Another important oversight by Juan Fernández and the Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, is that Spain arrested, tried and imprisoned the Catalans who requested independence, considering them as criminals and not political prisoners, denying them the right to freely express their political claims.

Both officials have no morals to demand Cuba not to act against those who, financed and trained by the United States, try to destabilise the constitutional order, because Spain condemned the Catalan independentists for the crimes of “disobedience and sedition”, sanctioning them with penalties between 9 and 13 years, and even the request of the VOX party was 74 years in prison, just for organising in October 2017, an independence referendum opposed by the Spanish government.

Do these Spanish officials no longer remember that thousands of police officers were sent to Catalonia from different parts of Spain to prevent demonstrations in support of the referendum, and those demonstrations were savagely repressed by the police, leaving dozens injured and hundreds of detainees?

The images of these repressions show beatings, tear gas and other methods that did not existed in Cuba after January 1959.

And the repression carried out by the police in the face of the protests over the arrest of the Catalan rapper, just to mention King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, is it not a violation of freedom of expression and thought?

Now the minister and his vice minister want to accuse Cuba of not accepting a provocative march, which aims to overthrow the Cuban system, not considering it as seditious and unconstitutional because both are anti-socialist and pro-U.S., but they applaud the sentences handed down by the Supreme Court of Spain by condemning nine former Catalan leaders for “sedition” and not for rebellion, nor considering them political prisoners, but “common criminals”.

An example of how Spain dealt with this issue is the sentence received of 12 years in prison, to Jordi Turull, former adviser to the presidency and spokesman for the Catalan government, just for participating in different meetings, where the strategy to follow with the referendum was defined for independence. The VOX party also requested 74 years in prison.

The poor memory of Juan Fernández and his minister José Manuel Albares is such that they seem not to remember the sentence to 10 years and 6 months in prison, imposed by the Supreme Court on Josep Rull, former Catalan Minister of Territory and Sustainability, by the crime of “sedition”, under the argument that “it was fully aware of the non-observance of the law and despite this, it went ahead with the referendum plan”, in addition to laying the foundations that led to citizen mobilization, which according to the Court , “With his actions prevented the normal functioning of the State that acts in defense of legality.” For that reason, the VOX party asked for 74 years in prison for the crimes of “rebellion and criminal organization.”

Nor do the two forgetful people remember that the Supreme Court sent Jordi Sánchez to prison for 9 years, considering that his performance in the referendum “was absolutely necessary for the execution of the seditious plans” and “was not limited to the leadership” of the mass mobilizations?

Faced with those events, the Spanish government managed the possibility of applying Article 155 of the Constitution, to decree a state of alarm, a state of exception or a state of siege, and even apply the National Security Law, promulgated in 2015, which It allows the Government to decree that the country is in a situation of interest for national security.

Surely the forgetful will go out together with the U.S. to condemn Cuba, when the courts apply the penal code to Yúnior García and his henchmen, for the crimes of which they were alerted by the prosecution, due to their plans to violate the laws in force, but Cuba does not sanction as in Spain, nor do they repress with the brutality of the police deployed against the protesters in Catalonia.

During these days, US senators Chris Murphy and Bob Menéndez, criticised the “inaction” of the Spanish government before the Castro-communist dictatorship imposed in Cuba, accusing them of being “more concerned about their hotels and investments in Cuba” than, for compliance with the human rights in the country, criticism that may be the cause of the statements of the “forgetful” Iberian diplomats.

We will see the results, but the Cubans know what they defend, because sovereignty and independence have cost a lot of blood and whoever tries to take over Cuba will only collect the dust of defeat.

Sad role of these gentlemen, but as José Martí affirmed:

“The battles of the tongue are weak”

By Arthur González.

source: heraldocubano