Vaclav Havel’s clone in a different setting

“… The true revolutionary never gives up, never sells, never betrays! That is a thing of cowards, of peddlers and opportunists ”.

Fidel Castro

It turns out that now Yunior García Aguilera says that he does not want to change socialism, and when a journalist asked him what his program is for a possible post-revolution scenario, he chanted so much that the reporter had to tell him that none of what he had expressed answered his he asks, obviously disoriented to be taken from the script that they have written, he only managed to say that he is not a politician.

This behavior reaffirms Yunior’s condition of being an instrument at the service of foreign interests, he cannot speak of a program, because he does not have one, that he acts to try to make it happen, that of the one who directs it, that is something else. The same happens with the rest of the cast that participates in this new and desperate attempt to try to cause the collapse of the Revolution.

The owner of the program is the North American government, which reserves a leading role in its hypothetical development for the annexationist mafia of Miami and Yunior that of a supporting actor, with very few parliaments, does anyone doubt it? 

Denying that he does not want to change socialism, despite the fact that the content of his statements and his actions say otherwise, further reinforces his vassal image, because that act of cynicism corresponds to an old tactic of the regional right that It is controlled from Washington, consisting of appropriating and using in its political discourse the symbols and achievements of the left that generate popular support, in order to confuse, limit rejections and win followers within its ranks. In his case, in addition, the intention is added to try to strip his “march” of the illegal character it has.  

Those behind Yunior have wanted to reproduce in Cuba what happened in what was then Czechoslovakia in 1989, creating a kind of clone of Vaclav Havel. The two playwrights, each at the time, have tried to make the scripts that others have written for them seem like their own. Both with speeches of similar claims of “freedom”, “democracy” and “respect” for human rights, loaded with the same hypocrisy. Havel accused the Czechoslovak government of hiding the problems, Yunior accused the Cuban of being afraid of the truth. The Czech swore by his honor and conscience fidelity to the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, when they had already swept any vestige of it from the constitution and his subsequent steps were totally contrary to the jury, no one doubts that, Yunior, if he could, that he will not be able to , I would do the same.

In Cuba, socialism, as Fidel said, did not come after the victorious divisions of the Red Army, but rather forged by the Cubans in authentic and heroic battle. In Cuba, socialism has not been maintained thanks to the intervention of any foreign army, it has been the will, the dignity, the tenacity, the spirit of sacrifice and the faith in the victory of the vast majority of Cubans that has. kept alive. In Cuba the people are united, the leaders of the PCC and the government, despite all the discrediting campaigns, enjoy the prestige, respect and trust of the citizens. In Cuba, a leader of the stature of Fidel walked through its geography and fought in it, whose image and ideas remain rooted in the hearts of all worthy Cubans, endowing us with a legacy of inestimable value to know how to identify our enemies,declared or hidden, to give continuity to the revolutionary process and to have a well-defined course towards where we want to direct our social project, which is none other than the prosperous and sustainable socialism that we wish to achieve. He taught us to think, fight and win.

The life of the Cuban Revolution is not borrowed life, it is life that was born from the womb of our people.

Fidel Castro

They were able to create and give life to be precise an imperfect clone of Vaclav Havel, because the Cuban copy lacks many things that the original had, among them, its social influence and conspiratorial trajectory. Besides that they have thrown him onto a stage that is not at all like the one he found when he jumped onto the stage; which was the complete opposite of the Cuban, its history is known, reproducing it in Cuba will be impossible for them.

The dreams of those who wish to see a Velvet Revolution in our homeland are doomed to failure.

On the other hand, it is unsustainable for him to claim to be sensitized to the problems of the people, while, victimizing himself, pretending to force his “march” thereby forcing the authorities to act, and using the same accusations against the Cuban government of our perfidious and bitter enemy , creates for this the propitious scenario to justify applying new coercive measures in order to intensify the genocidal blockade with which it intends to surrender out of hunger and necessities. Already officials of the Biden government, such as his main adviser for Latin America Juan González, threaten new sanctions against Cuba, if the “march” provocation is not tolerated.

The pack of wolves that inhabit the seas, the one that has dragged homeless and faint-hearted vendors into its macabre dance around Cuba, has increased the level of their howls of hatred, chorusing the imperial threat, encouraging the playwright to launch to the ring, which obediently pleases them, dancing to his companion.

In this context to wolves and chameleon with Fidel we say,  “… That the right to life and healthy happiness of our country be respected. For that right we will fight to the death … “

Note:  I have not mentioned the differences in the external scenario in both historical moments, notable, by the way, because the intention is to focus the analysis towards the internal.  

source: Razones de Cuba