Not just anyone …

Fidel Castro (Photo by Jung/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

  • Not just anyone brings down a dictatorship with 20 men and 7 rifles in defiance of the North American Empire.
  • Not everyone eliminates illiteracy in a year.
  • Not just anyone lowers infant mortality from 42% to 4%.
  • Not just any way more than 130 thousand doctors, guaranteeing 1 doctor for every 130 people, with the highest index of doctors per capita in the world.
  • Not just anyone creates the largest Medical School in the world, graduating 1,500 foreign doctors per year, with 25,000 doctors graduating from 84 nations.
  • Not just anyone sends more than 30 thousand doctors to collaborate in more than 68 countries in the world, adding nearly 600,000 missions.
  • Not everyone manages to be the only Latin American nation without child malnutrition.
  • Not everyone can be the only Latin American country without a drug problem.
  • Not everyone achieves 100% schooling.
  • Not everyone can circulate in their country without seeing a single child sleeping on the street.
  • Not just anyone, transform an orphan child from the street, to be the first astronaut / cosmonaut in Latin America
  • Not everyone manages to be the only country in the world that meets ecological sustainability.
  • Not everyone achieves that their population has 80 years of life expectancy at birth.
  • Not everyone creates vaccines against Cancer.
  • Not everyone can be the only country that eradicates mother-child transmission of HIV.
  • Not everyone manages to have the most Olympic medals in Latin America.
  • Not everyone survives more than 600 attempts on his life and 11 US presidents trying to overthrow him.
  • Not everyone survives 50 years of blockade and economic warfare.
  • Not everyone reaches 90 years of age, with so much prominence in world history.

Loved by millions. Misunderstood and hated by many. What no one can do is ignore it …
Today more than ever we raise our identity, proud of our history of struggle and of our national symbols and attributes. We are a nation with our own ideas, values ​​and unbreakable principles, with a criterion that does not need false representations. In #Cuba we will never allow hypocritical puppets who try to manipulate us and even less to speak on our behalf. #YoSoyFidel, #YoSoyCuba, #SomosContinuidad, #SomosCuba and above all the absurd and genocidal efforts of imperialism, our people remain firm and convinced: